Ghana economy not in shambles – NPP Regional Chairman

Makafui Woanyah (standing) – NPP Volta Regional Chairman

Mr Makafui Woanyah, Volta Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has asked people to disregard claims the nation was failing, saying it was sheer mind sway.

He said the government of President Akufo-Addo had persisted successfully at accelerated development even through a global health crisis and a wide-reaching war, and that the nation should trust the resilience of the economy he built.

Addressing select members of the media fraternity in the Volta Region at an exclusive press soiree he held for them on Friday, the Regional Chairman said although the nation progressed, the government’s efforts were being cast upon with falsehood.

“In spite of the crisis, we have made great strides and we continue to make progress as a country.

Contrary to what the opposition and critics want us to believe, Ghana has moved on a great deal-Government continues to pay salaries of public sector workers. National Health insurance, which had collapsed under the previous NDC government is back on its feet and working for the average Ghanaian.”

“Not only is the Free SHS Policy still working, more and more educational infrastructure are being provided including the completion of abandoned projects by previous NDC governments,” Mr Woanyah said while stating numerous achievements of the present administration, which included crucial development and social relief programmes evident in the Volta Region.

“This is the economy some propagandists want us to believe is in shambles. All these we have done without any support from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) yet. Government is on top of governance.”

The Regional Chairman said the media had divine responsibility to guide the nation’s development trajectory along the pathways of truth and should be active in shielding progress from false propaganda.

He said the media should seek to retrain its fact checking function, which was much needed for the advancement of the nation’s democracy.

“We expect the press to do your fact checks and report on the findings to government,” he said, also asking the media to recognize and help protect the realm of peace and tranquility the nation had been blessed with

“One important issue I would like to raise is also the issue of security and stability of our democracy, Lately, people including some sections of the media have made statements and pronouncements that sought to undermine the peace and stability of our dear nation.

Those who do not know the history of this country will toy with such dangerous ideas. There is no known better alternative to the system we have today. I want to remind the press that in the event of any upheaval.

The press will be the first casualty, so let’s hold dear our peace and tranquility. The press has a major role to play in the preservation of our collective security and stability,” Mr. Woanya admonished.

The chairman, who had revived a long-neglected tradition of press soirees in the Region, promised good working relationship with the media to facilitate mutual cooperation and support in the years ahead.

Mr Richard Ahiagbah, Communications Director for the NPP, who was present at the dinner said the NPP retained credit for current environment of democratic freedom, and that the press must work to preserve and protect the gains.

He said the party and the government recognized media’s value in development collaboration and looked forward for an enhanced relationship.

Present at the event were regional executives of the party as well as some local government leaders including Mr Divine Bosson, Municipal Chief Executive of Ho, and Mr. Edmund Kudjoh Attah, District Chief Executive of North Dayi. 

Emmanuel Agbaxode, Volta, and Oti Regional Chairman of the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA), on the behalf of the media, thanked the Party in the Region for the recognition, and assured that the commitment of practitioners to the development of a democratic nation remained firm.

Source: GNA

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