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Regulating Ghana’s international trade – Role of the GITC

Introduction This article provides a preview of Ghana’s attempt at regulating its international trading environment through the establishment of the Ghana International Trade Commission. International trade, though largely an economic activity, is governed by rules. The World Trade Organization (WTO) provides the forum for a multilateral rule-based global trading system …

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Unlocking the potentials of the Volta Delta Basin through integrated planning

Deltas across the world are important landscapes of production and habitat for mankind and animals. Ecologically, deltas serve as important wetlands, which are home to unique biodiversity as well. Deltas are however increasingly becoming vulnerable due to human activities, population growth and natural forces of climate change and subsidence. Indeed, …

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Mobile money vendors: Who is protecting them?

Unemployment has been with us for years and when in 2009 telecommunications giant, MTN introduced Mobile Money services it was welcomed and hailed by many and the reason was obvious; it was an opportunity to take advantage of the rising unemployment situation, growing number of the unbanked population and massive …

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My Child should die first – Special Mum

The voice on the other side of the phone sounded frantic, she said “Madam I saw your website…I have a child with cerebral palsy so I am calling for help.” I smiled to myself and went ahead to tell her what the Special Mothers Project does, so I explained that …

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The need to protect Women’s Rights Online in Ghana

The United Nations recently made gender-equitable access to information and communications technologies (ICTs) central to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which set the global development agenda until 2030.  In adopting the SDGs, all countries have pledged to prioritise universal Internet access, and to use ICTs to empower women.  However, much …

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The 100 days of free maternal mortality campaign

Three years ago, Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service in collaboration with development partners put together an initiative called the Millennium Development Goals Acceleration Framework (MAF). It was to re-double efforts to overcome bottlenecks in implementing interventions that had proven to work in reducing the maternal mortality ratio in …

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