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How Ghana Parliament debated the loan to buy two C-295 Airbus military aircraft

Mr William O. Boafo (NPP –– Akropong): Mr Speaker, I beg to second the Motion moved by the Chairman of the Finance Committee. Mr Speaker, the purpose of the Motion is to ask the House to approve the procurement of CASA 295 for the Ghana Air Force and they are …

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Africa’s instability and security concerns

Africa’s dynamic security environment is characterised by great diversity from conventional challenges such as insurgencies, resource and identity conflicts, and post-conflict stabilisation to growing threats from piracy, narcotics trafficking, violent extremism, and organised crime taking root in Africa’s urban slums, among others. Role of African Union To ensure Africa’s security, …

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Antimicrobial resistance: a public health threat in Ghana

Ghana and the rest of the world stand the risk of losing one life every three seconds to an infectious disease by 2050, if the issue of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is not tackled fast; according to studies. Background Being one of the biggest health issues that mankind has faced this …

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Why Ghana doesn’t need a new voters’ register for 2020 elections

Why does Ghana need to discard existing voters’ register and prepare a new one almost every four years, when there are presidential and parliamentary elections? Background For some time now, we have been repeatedly told by successive governments since 1992 of the need to have new voters’ register. For that …

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Momoni, the special one or the ‘stinking’ ingredient?

One could be misled by the nose and miss out on a delicious culinary journey in a  Ghanaian environment because of the smell of a veritable food ingredient called momoni. The mighty momoni is Ghana’s answer to Swedish surstromming, Korean hongeohoe or and the Japanese Kusaya, although not as putrid …

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Ghana’s coral reefs: The endangered species crying for survival

Coral reefs are diverse underwater ecosystems, similar to a forest reserve, serve as habitat for different marine species. They represent unique habitats with high biodiversity and important habitats for some fish species like ling, redfish and tusk. Coral reefs are spread out over the shallow seas of the world’s tropical …

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