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Ocean acidity, pollution and sea rise robbing coastal families of livelihoods

It is not captured in the fisheries basket of Ghana as a major fish source, but oyster and clam business employs more than five thousand women. Historical perspective In the Densu and Volta Estuary alone, nearly 6000 (direct and indirect) are actively involved in the trade. Maamle Ashilfi, 60, a …

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Ghana needs active copyright sector for investment opportunities

Ghana needs an active copyright sector to generate investment opportunities that will result in a higher employment rate and increased levels of income to significantly alleviate poverty, Dr. Magnus Ebo Duncan, an Economic Statistician has said. He said there was the need for a policy to retain existing copyright sector …

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What a Biden win would mean to the world

Donald Trump

On the US election day in 2016 I was in Johannesburg, South Africa, attending the African Investigative Journalism Conference hosted by WITS University. As can be remembered, it was a momentous election with high stakes. A politically inexperienced businessman with lots of questions about his capabilities, Donald Trump, and a …

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Trump’s attempted coup

We all knew it was coming, and now it is here. An attempted coup. There is no other way to describe what President Donald Trump did in the wee hours of the morning. Standing in the East Room of the White House, the room where Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John …

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America’s moment of decision and likely unanswered questions

After nearly two years, countless ads, the expenditure of billions of dollars and dozens of candidates, the moment of decision has arrived. It is a tired and timeworn cliche that each presidential campaign is the most important of our lives. But this year it really seems to be true. Democratic nominee and …

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Let’s not lose sight of malaria because of COVID-19 – Makarios Foundation

The Country Director of Makarios Foundation has asked the Ghana Health Service not to lose sight of its fight against the malaria parasite since it still poses a challenge to the health of Ghanaians. Madam Lucy Apeajei observed that even though the fight against COVID-19 was necessary, Ghanaians were gradually …

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The massacre at Lekki must not go unpunished

Democracy isn’t only about the right to form political parties, contest, win elections and run a country the way one wants. Neither is it about fighting an election, winning and gathering a country’s resources at one’s feet, like the spoils of war. Democracy also includes the rights of citizens to …

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