Ghana needs more affordable houses – Halm

Mrs Karen Evans Halm, Chief Operating Officer, Spektra Global, has reiterated that Ghana needs more affordable houses to meet the housing deficit and the growing upper and lower middle class economic demand.

Mrs Halm said according to the Ghana Statistical Service the nation needs in excess of 100,000 housing units annually to meet the current demand of its population; this indicates a deficit of two million housing units and that a shortage of affordable housing has created a market for technologically advanced, sustainable solutions.

She said this when Purple Park, the real estate subsidiary company of Spektra Global Limited, launched its brand of luxurious homes: “The Seed Gate,” located at Tema community 25 to contribute to efforts to address the housing challenges in Ghana.

Mrs Halm said the determination to rise above the norms and challenges in the housing sector led to the establishment of the Purple Park to provide affordable luxurious and convenient homes for all.

She called on the government to solve land problems and to create systems to curb the multiple sale of the parcel of land to different personalities.

“Persons can sell lands to more than one person and there is no way one could detect even from the land registry, such practices should be seen as criminal and perpetrators brought to book,” she said.

She said such activities amongst others makes building houses in the country especially urban areas expensive hence the high cost of buildings.

She said Seed Gate consisted of two and three bedroom detached and semi-detached residences featuring plush landscapes, high speed internet connections, smart automation systems and tarred roads and other modern housing amenities that provided convenience for home owners.

Mr Evans William Halm, Chief Executive Officer, Spektra Global said the gated community had around the clock security presence, social amenities and the conveniences of a modern living adding that every detail had been designed to give residents a home they love and a lifestyle they cherish, she said.

He said the community strikes a good balance between leasing land and providing the facilities needed adding that Interestingly the community is close to the city centre of Tema offering residents access to shopping malls, schools and other social amenities.

Mr Amos Kevin-Annan, Consultant, Healthy Homes Advocate described the architectural works as impressive adding that space utilization was essential to land use.

Source: GNA

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