Female engineers propose re-engineering of markets in Ghana

The Women in Engineering Association of Ghana (WinE Ghana) has presented a proposal to Government for the re-engineering of markets in the country.

This forms part of the Association’s efforts to improve sanitation, the outlook of places of convenience, food hygiene and the infrastructure situation in the markets while helping to establish satellite markets and food banks.

The WinE Ghana has established a technical advisory group consisting of engineers in many fields of practice to offer professional advice and skills to help re-engineer the markets.

Dr Enyonam Kpekpena, the President of WinE Ghana, said this when members of the Association donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to the Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation, Madam Cecilia Dapaah, to be distributed to markets.

Dr  Kpekpena said: “We realised that the current situation within some of the markets needs to be drastically improved. Our studies in Accra revealed that the markets are poorly planned, maintained and unclean.”

“WinE Ghana believes that, a proactive action at implementing the right, acceptable, hygienic and sustainable measures towards making markets in Ghana safe, clean, hygienic, and well-organised will go a long way to impact the health and longevity of Ghanaians,” she said.

Dr Kpekpena said the Association is ready to liaise with the ministries of Local Government, Water Resources and Sanitation and Gender to help make the markets a safer place to shop.

“As we are all aware, the market place is the warehouse for refuelling our energy store at every home. It’s also the most vulnerable place for the transfer of the virus. It is based on this that WinE Ghana believes that it’s time to do something on our own small way to protect our warehouse.

“As we are aware, the food that ends up on our tables are from these markets and the earlier interventions are put in place, the better it will be for our collective health,” she said.

Dr Kpekpena said: “We believe that sustaining a healthier society should be the priority of government and policy makers, thus, re-engineering our markets will be of utmost priority.

“Better market operations ultimately a means to achieving the SDGs which include poverty reduction, better health and well-being of Ghanaians, a cleaner market, a dignified market trader and rapid economic growth, a sustainable well-planned market and a better life on land.”

Madam Dapaah, who received the PPEs, congratulated the Association for their bold initiative towards the COVID-19 and gave the assurance that the Government would consider their proposal.

The WinE Ghana is a network of Ghanaian women engineering practitioners and student members within the Ghana Institution of Engineering and their core values are; proactive, insightful and nurturing.

Source: GNA

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