Christianity means sacrificing for a worthy cause – Very Rev. Sam

Very Reverend Isaac Kweku Sam, the Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church, Dansoman Circuit, has advised Christians to sacrifice towards meeting the needs of the less-privileged in fulfillment of God’s Commandments.

He said the Kingdom of Heaven awaits those who sacrificed to ensure the comfortability of the needy in society adding; “There’s more blessing in giving.”

“Sacrificing made Christians stronger and firm to endure the challenges and difficulties they encounter.”

Very Rev. Sam, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said worshipping God goes with a lot of sacrifices, which could be quite difficult, especially in challenging times.

However, believers should have faith in Him and focus on giving to the needy as a means to achieving self-satisfaction.

The Minister said as Christians prepared themselves for the second coming of Christ, they should live worthy lives and turn away from sin.

He urged them to remain firm and call on God for His intervention in times of trouble.

“Christ is our refuge and He will deliver us from the hands of our enemies if only we put our trust in Him and serve with faith and purity,” he said.

He cautioned the youth who engaged in social vices for the sake of ‘getting rich quick’ to stop the practice saying; “It was anti-Christian.”

Christians, he said, needed to set good example for others to follow adding; “This will attract unbelievers to give their lives to Christ.”

Source: GNA

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