We can preserve our culture heritage with photography – Nana Kobina Nketsiah

Nana Kobina Nketsia V

Nana Kobina Nketiah VI, the Omanhen of Essikadu Traditional Area has underscored the relevance of photography in preserving and protecting culture heritage of every nation.

He said photography remained a powerful tool that could capture moments, history and our heritage to inspire future generations.

He noted that preserving the country’s cultural heritage constituted an essential culture base for enhancing cohesion of the nation, boost national unity, invigorate national spirit for socio-economic development.

“Pictures, besides showing history, captures moments we seem to be losing. Any photography that captures moments and heritage to inspire the future needs to be encouraged,” he said.

Nana Kobina Nketiah made these remarks at the opening of a photographic exhibition at the Cape Coast Castle as part of activities marking the 2019 PANAFEST/ Emancipation Day celebrations and the “Year of Return”.

It was put together by FYNexhibits, a photographic consulting firm in collaboration with the Central Regional Development Commission (CEDECOM) on the theme “Ghana our Heritage”.

“These are relevant pictures capturing moments of joy, emotions, they excites beyond imaginations”, he remarked while going round to view the variety of pictures displayed at the exhibition.

“Fynn has been able to capture every moments in the PNDC era through the fourth republic, social, political and cultural,” he added.

Sharing his taught on the “Year of Return”, Nana Kobina Nketiah lauded Ghana for taking the responsibility to host the event, adding that Pan Africanism had become a Ghanaian responsibility.

According to him, the “Year of Return” was symbolic and lies in the fact that its exhibit a milestone of the the strengths and resilience of African ancestors

He said anything that helped to reach the Atlantic and promoted the African heritage, spirit and human dignity fosters brotherhood and therefore must be encouraged.

Mr Thomas Fynn, Executive Director of FNNexhibit said he shared in the vision of pictorially marketing Ghana as a prime investment destination and portraying to tourists and investors Ghana’s eco-tourism, ethno-cutural heritage as well as its socio- cultural endowment.

He explained that the initiative of mounting exhibition Ghana’s endowment was home-grown and sought to bring attitudinal change, cultural renewal and a new sense of patriotism.

He said it seeks to shine a spotlight on exceptional contemporary photographs that demonstrates a profound cultural heritage to encourage tourist to explore other aspects of the country.

He said having traveled extensively to mount exhibitions and conferences outside Ghana, there were no which sold Ghana at her embassies abroad.

Mr Fynn said FNNexhibit intended to publish a photo book of Ghana and rallied the support of the media support to propagate Ghana’s investment and tourism potentials through the magic of photography.

Source: GNA

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