Ahafo votes overwhelmingly “Yes” for creation of region

Voters in the Ahafo area have voted overwhelming “Yes” in the referendum on the creation on a new region for them.

Out of the 227,663 voters, who came out to vote, 276,673, representing 99.67 per cent, said they were in favour.

Declaring the results of the referendum in Kenyase Number One, Mr George Gyabaah, the Returning Officer, gave the total number of “No” votes as 675, and this was 0.24 per cent.

There were 225 rejected votes and that represented 0.08 per cent.

The area has 307,108 registered voters and the turnout was 90.4 per cent, a figure above the 50 per cent constitutional requirement for a referendum on the creation of new regions.

Source: GNA

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