YAHSAT launches high-speed satellite broadband service in Ghana

Yahsat, the UAE-based satellite operator, on Tuesday officially launched its broadband satellite service, YahClick, in Ghana.

The launch, which is in partnership with Yahsat’s regional broadcast and Internet service providers Comsys and Teledata, was announced during a press conference in Accra.

With the introduction of YahClick, Yahsat, along with Service Partners Comsys and Teledata, intend to provide Ghana with reliable, cost-effective, high-performance Internet that promises to usher in a new age of high-speed connectivity that enables economic and social progress.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Denver Bartman, Country Manager Yahsat, Africa, said Ghana was a very important market and the addition of Yahsat’s technology to Ghana’s digital landscape would cut down economic losses due to frequent breakdowns in fixed, wireless and mobile internet connectivity.

It is estimated that each communication disruption costs Ghana about $6.3million a day.

Mr Bartman said using the Ka-band powered by High Throughput Satellite (HTS) spot beam technology, YahClick’s services would enable communities, businesses and the government to unlock their full potential and achieve the level of social and economic development the nation deserves.

Key institutions expected to reap the benefits of YahClick include banking and finance, mining and oil and gas.

In addition to supporting these key industries, the service is also expected to benefit from government supported initiatives especially in education and healthcare.

“The driving force behind the launch of YahClick in Ghana is our desire to serve the country’s specific connectivity needs and deliver high-performance, customized satellite broadband solutions to its businesses and communities,” commented Farhad Khan, Chief Commercial Officer, Yahsat.

“Today, YahClick is recognised as the leading satellite broadband service in Africa thanks to its reliability and coverage, alongside the local expertise and quality of customer service provided by our trusted service partners such as Comsys and Teledata here in Ghana,” Mr Khan added.

Both Comsys and Teledata are leaders in Ghana’s telecommunications sector, and possess a solid record of delivering innovative communication solutions to a wide range of industries, NGOs, government entities, and communities.

CEO Greg Eid of Teledata ICT added: “We believe that YahClick services will not only successfully meet our customers’ needs, but also open up new business opportunities across various industries.”

“We look forward to working with YahClick to ensure that our customers in Ghana, access uninterrupted and high-speed-Internet that is critical to their growth.”

Comysy Ghana Business Development Manager, Kobi Ahon commented:  “Our goal has always been to lead in innovative solutions to tomorrow’s communication challenges in Ghana. By introducing Yahclick’s game changing technology to Ghana, we are able to reach the most remote locations with internet connectivity through best-in-class satellite broadband services”

Yahsat launched its flagship service, YahClick, in Africa in 2012. It was the first operator to introduce HTS Ka-Band satellite broadband technology to the continent through Yahsat’s Al Yah 2 satellite.

Following the successful launch earlier this year, and the recent commercial readiness of the company’s third satellite Al yah 3, YahClick’s footprint has extended to 19 additional markets in Africa, including Ghana.

The expansion is part of Yahsat’s commitment to deliver affordable, reliable and high-speed Internet connectivity to unserved and underserved parts of the world.

Source: GNA

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