My first day of internship at Ghana Business News

Cindy Benedict

Where is a book about the easiest ways to handle your first day at work as an intern when you need one? Being in a place and trying your possible best to do what is expected of you, especially when it has to do with the running of activities in an organization is no walk in the park. My first day at work as an intern at Ghana Business News was quite an interesting one.

I arrived at work quite early of course, in order not to create the impression of being a lazy bone who is not serious about the job in the first place. I came in thinking I would have nothing really major to do, only to realize that I had entered into a place where pressure is just another word in the dictionary and there was major work to be done. Thinking I was late for getting there at 20 minutes to 8am, I got there and the doors were locked, so I took that time to sit down and think about the two months internship I would be doing and how this could be an opportunity for me to either better myself or waste away the time, and the latter option is one I intend to avoid.

The first thing I learnt was the process of posting a story on a website page. Considering I had no idea about that, and thought that stories were just typed and pasted, I got to learn how the news story is edited first, images that are suitable for the news content are chosen and placed, before the whole copy is aligned presentably and posted. It was actually exciting to witness the whole process. After that, my boss came in and we discussed the issues for the week and the plans to take to address them was fun because I felt it feels great to finally be part of something serious for once, apart from academic work of course.

During the rest of the day, the time was spent in assisting in the preparations for an upcoming programme the organization was going to hold in the coming weeks. That experience made me appreciate more, the events I have attended in the past and all the preparations that go into them before the guest or participants come and only see the final products.

My first day of work was quite engrossing and I appreciate that, because it’s a nice feel of how the business and work world actually is. Knowing how to adapt to change and learning to multitask are things that cannot really be taught in schools. I anticipate the remaining days working as an intern, as depending on the individual, it could be a door of many opportunities or just an extra addition to a CV.

As it is said, no one knows tomorrow, as same as you, I also with a positive mindset I am curious about the events in the remaining days of the internship, cross my fingers and hope to learn as much as I can and see where that takes me.

By Cindy Benedict – Intern

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