Give us David Yaw Mensah as DCE – Pru East NPP tells President

Executives of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Pru East Constituency have a made passionate appeal to President Nana Akufo Addo to appoint Mr David Yaw Mensah as the District Chief Executive (DCE) for the newly created Pru East District.

According to them, Mr David Yaw Mensah is the best person for the job due to his competence, affable nature, and knowledge of the area and also does not belong to any NPP faction in the Constituency.

So far seven persons have applied for the post of the District Chief Executive (DCE) for the newly created District.

Mr Kelvin Siameh, Pru East Constituency Youth Organiser and Spokesperson for the NPP Executives in the Pru East made the appeal during an interaction with the media in the District. 

The position for the District Chief Executive became vacant due to the creation of the Pru East and West Districts, with the current DCE having been moved to the Pru West District.

For some time now the NPP members in the Constituency have been fragmented into factions, a case which has militated against the electoral fortunes of the Party for a long time.

Mr Siameh indicated that the NPP Executives in the Pru East Constituency have been divided into factions and sometimes this resulted into serious disagreements.

According to the executives, the division has caused the Party the Parliamentary seat in past elections, with some of the candidates standing as independent candidates, splitting the votes of the Party.

He also explained that the past elections saw one Dr Amoah going independent, with the NPP Party fielding one Idi who was the DCE then, with the former polling 8,600 whilst the latter polled 9,000; causing the defeat of the Party in the Constituency, even though the National Democratic Congress (NDC) candidate polled about 13,000, less than the combined votes of the two Party members.

Mr Siameh asserted that, the division was deep rooted to the extent that the District needed someone who was a neutral person and a unifier to unite the Party to prepare the ground for the Party’s victory in the next general election

He indicated that all but one of the seven candidates who have applied for the position of DCE belonged to one faction or another and that it was only Mr David Yaw Mensah who was neutral and a unifier who would be the best candidate for the Party in the District.

Mr Siameh further explained that the role of the DCE as the representative of the President, for that matter, the person should be someone who appealed and could reach out to all sides, hence their plea.

The President through the Electoral Commission has created thirty eight (38) new districts as part of deepening the decentralization process.

Source: GNA

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