Belgian court convicts Mehran Keshe and wife for fraud

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

The Iranian man and founder of the organization known as the Keshe Foundation, who claims to be a nuclear physicist and sells his plasma products which he says can cure HIV/AIDS, diabetes and other diseases, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe has been convicted of fraud and given a suspended sentence by a Belgian court. His wife, Carolina De Roos was also sentenced by the same court that sat in the Belgian city of Kortrijk, according to news sources out of Belgium yesterday, August 9, 2017.

Keshe was given an 18 months sentence and the wife 12 months. The two currently live in Italy.

The couple was charged for deceiving Belgian citizens that they can be healed of various ailments when they drink water from special thermos bottles and inhale air through an inhaler which Keshe sells.

The reports indicate that Keshe’s claims to heal with his plasma water came to the attention of the country’s medical regulatory authorities in 2012. The couple was also cited for practicing medicine illegally in Belgium.

Court investigations revealed that Keshe and his wife were scammers and confiscated an amount of €15,000 which it said was made from the fraudulent sale of the plasma water.

The news reports said eight victims of the couple were identified in areas among others in Roeselare, Meulebeke, Waregem, Anzegem and Ninove.

Keshe in Ghana

Meanwhile, a little over a week ago, Keshe was in Ghana to hold a press conference where according to some local news accounts and there are different accounts, he claims he is investing $15 million in scientific technology and he will build the first space launch pad in Africa in Ghana, a claim he made in May 2017 during a conference that he organised in Ghana under the auspices of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission.

The Commission, however, which signed an MoU with the Keshe Foundation has abrogated the deal on the grounds that Keshe’s claims cannot be scientifically proven.

Another newspaper account says he is investing $750 million to build a plant in Ghana to start producing his range of plasma products.

Other reports say, he will create 3000 jobs for scientists with his plant.

But the Minister for Science and Environment, Prof Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng has questioned Keshe’s credibility and claims of being a nuclear physicist.

Prof. Frimpong-Boateng said after some scrutiny, it was found that the activities Keshe, his predictions and medicinal product purported to cure certain diseases were not genuine.

In response to the Ministers comments, Keshe issued threats, making veiled threats that he knows the Minister was hiding money in Dubai. But the Minister was swift in responding that he has never been to Dubai.

Sources familiar with Keshe’s modus operandi say the only was he responds to his critics is to slander them.


In some of the Keshe Foundation’s live streaming of its leader’s lectures, Keshe makes claims that staff of the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and the Ghana Standards Board use his products and testify to their efficacy, but a check on the FDA website where a list of approved medical and food products are published doesn’t have any product from the Keshe Foundation listed.

Keshe and the 20 Ghanaian scientists

Keshe appears to have some chips under his sleeves in his quest to keep his hold on Ghana. He currently has 20 graduates of the Graduate School of Nuclear Sciences that he has hired to work for him under the now abrogated MoU with the Atomic Commission. Their future is unclear.

The Director-General of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Prof. Benjamin J. B. Nyarko who is currently attending a meeting in Vienna, Austria, told on the phone Thursday morning that, the graduates of the school can’t find jobs and they are free to work in the private sector if they can find jobs.

Asked about the future of the 20 graduates working with the Keshe Foundation, he suggested that they should be advised to leave the Foundation.

It does not appear that Ghana has seen the last of Keshe yet.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. Jacob says

    If Belgium can sue and convict Mr. Keshe, Ghana should be able to do so, too.

    The crimes he did in Ghana are more than those of Belgium. Chase Mr. Keshe out of Ghana!

  2. Rick Crammond says

    Many thousands of people have been happy that their lives have been made better by the use of Keshe technology. Some have bought the Keshe products, but many have made the materials and devices themselves, and at very low cost.

    Here is a link to hundreds of real stories from real people who freely gave their testimonials to the Keshe Foundation. The expressions of gratitude are profuse. People are finding relief from medical ailments, getting energy savings, growing bigger plants, and having many other beneficial effects.

  3. Amad2010 says

    Keshe (the fraudster) leaves first England then Belgium ,Italy and Dubai… next is Ghana. Bye bye in prison mr. K$she!

  4. Alberto says

    The Truth about Keshe’s Scam.
    Beware of the Inventor!
    “A man of about forty-six years of age giving a name of Joshua Coppersmith has been arrested in New York for attempting to extort funds from ignorant and superstitious people by exhibiting a device which he says will convey the human voice any distance over metallic wires so it will be heard by a listener at the other end. He calls the instrument a “telephone”, which is obviously intended to imitate the word “telegraph” and win the confidence of those who know the latter instrument without understanding the principle on which it is based. Well informed people know that it is not possible to transmit the human voice over wires as it may be done with dots and dashes and signal of the Morse Code. And even were it possible to do so the thing would be of no practical value anyhow. The authorities who apprehended this criminal are to be congratulated. And it is hoped that his punishment will be prompt and fitting that it may serve as an example to other schemers of no conscious who enlist themselves at the expense of their fellow creatures.” From a Boston (U.S.A) newspaper published in 1873:

    Humanity must not repeat its mistakes from the past. New inventions and discoveries are appearing all the time and we ridicule and condemn the inventors because at first we do not understand the technology. Is Mr Keshe involved in fraud? No, I don’t think so. Maybe we should listen to what the thousands of people using his inventions have to say.

  5. Robert Stankowic says

    Rick and Alberto
    Stop supporting Keshes lies or we must assume, that you participate in his crimes

  6. Kevin Henley says

    The telephone is a device that works, because it’s based on proper physics. Keshe’s zinc carbonate (which he calls gas in nano state ???) on the other hand is just a regular chemical (toxic) substance, not some miracle plasma technology as he claims. Yet his followers feel the placebo effect of their own belief because they WANT it to be real, even though it’s not. After years of announcements, there still is no flying car, no spaceship, no nothing. Just useless products being sold for a lot of money (but almost never delivered), while Keshe claims to be a giver, not a taker. What the…. ???

    “Is Mr Keshe involved in fraud? No, I don’t think so.”
    Was Charles Manson involved in murder? “No, I don’t think so.” :-/

    None of Manson’s followers considered him to be the monster he is. Keshe is a cult leader, Manson was a cult leader. Both brainwashed their followers (such as Rick Crammond, one of Keshe’s paid slaves), both Keshe and Manson are dangerous, self-centered liars and manipulators.

    Keshe has already been CONVICTED. Manson is in jail. What are you still trying to prove? You still think Keshe is innocent, or even a genius, despite of all the evidence against him? It’s hopeless with people like you…

    Keshe’s health scams are only the tip of the iceberg. Who knows how many hideous crimes he committed, but they will come to light for sure. Keshe’s followers have been enlightened indeed… by the false light of Lucifer. That’s why they MUST ALWAYS speak the opposite of the truth, exactly like their master MT Keshe.

    Ghana Business News is one correct news source, unlike some of the others who allowed themselves to be bribed by Keshe (and then he claimed he “invested heavily” into Ghana, how ridiculous)

    Get a grip you Keshe followers. You are NOT the light of the world, nor does Ke$he have any solutions to any problem. He is only after the money, and his supporters share his greed and his persistance in deceiving good people. That’s what Keshe calls “the correct ethos”. No comment to that.

    @Keshe Foundation: STOP THE DECEPTION, STOP HARMING AND POISONING WATER SUPPLIES AND INNOCENT PEOPLE WITH CARBONATE. When they die because of YOUR irresponsibility, what will you say? The King of Belgium did it? The Ghanian minister did it? They did it to themselves? Or will you say their souls have been elevated by the FALSE MESSIAH Keshe?

    Anyone who supports Keshe (A COMPULSIVE LIAR AND CONVICTED SCAMMER!!!) should be convicted too, before any more harm is done.

  7. Richard Miller says

    Concerning the comment of Rick Crammond above: Mr. Crammond is one of the most well known henchmen of Mr. Keshe. He is, for example, responsible for most of the video broadcasts ot the Keshe Foundation. There is little wonder Mr. Crammond tries to further the agenda of his leader.

  8. Donny says

    His products have successfully worked for thousands, I have personally experienced matter being created in front of my eyes and enjoying this technology for my own benefit. Since he is kind enough to share on how to replicate these processes, you should try for yourself before damning a man. Would a liar and thief openly give away the process on how to recreate it? Go to and view their articles on keshe, they are wary of his promises but they can vouch on the technology working. God bless.

  9. Justin Smith says

    This is exactly the wish of Mr. Keshe to have this sentence. Now the legal proceedings to follow bring in the whole spectrum of this devious scheme by a nations political leaders. This is what happens when you try to kill someone and fail miserably. Many blessings to you and your entire foundation Mr. Keshe. We will have peace on this earth in our lifetime, thanks to all who support these actions.

  10. Dani says

    Dear all,
    hundreds of testimonials have been issued worldwide by well educated people and sceptical minds on the website.
    It requires an open mind set to understand that we are all connected through a currently for us humans- non visible energy.
    Mr Keshe is not the first one who tries to explain these things.

    Afican tribes, native american and asian cultures are aware of it too and have been rediculed for a too long time.
    Before pointing a finger of disbelief it is adviable to come to own conclusions through studying, experimenting and observation.

    Only sheepish minds follow an opinion that is printed in the Headlines of a newspaper or magazine.
    The real reasons for suppressing new technologies and discrediting the people who try to make a change- are not immediately visible –
    People who are busy spreading bad news seem to have no happiness in their own life-
    I wish the very best, an open mind and heart and lots of love to all those who try to badmouth the wonderful changes that are unfolding.
    May your Soul be enlightened too, may all the hatred that you hold in your heart and ego dissolve in happiness.

    Much love, wisdom and understanding to all of us.

  11. Justine van den Strassenkoetter says

    The sheepish minds are those who follow their shepherd Keshe like sheep, and believe his stories about “suppression”. What can be suppressed, when nothing is there to be suppressed ?

    The Keshe Foundation, like any other cult, thrives because of exactly this conspiracy theory, and because of their imaginary enemies. Dream on, and report again when Keshe flies around the corner with his photoshopped flying car.

  12. libby says

    I agree with all the positive statements made about Mehran and Caroline Keshe. They are an amazing duo who have come to be of benefit to all living beings on this planet.
    I have learned so much from being a student of the Keshe Foundation education program. I highly recommend that anyone who has an interest in learning more about the Plasma technology and how it relates to our Souls sign up now for the fall semester classes. You will have access to the private videos, and the classes. You will become part of an ever expanding family of dedicated humans who are making change happen.
    Thank you to all the people who are knowledge seekers and who understand the depth of the knowledge MT Keshe is presenting to the World.
    We are One Planet, One Nation, One Race
    and everyone is part of our World

  13. Brett says

    To Jacob, Richard Miller, Robert Stankowic, Amad2010 and Kevin Henley. I speak to you here in these words due to your limited understanding of what is at the table. An ostrich buries it head in the sand because the animal is at such low intelligence it thinks that , because he can’t see you, that you can’t see him.
    I eco Dani’s comment.
    And for god sake take the plunge, if you not too gutless and make some Zink and C02 and consume the waters of them after the correct processes have been followed, and see the benefits for your self. I could put years of the changes in myself here but hey, you may just bury it ,like you have been in your storm of criticism. Very pleased that Mr Keshe has gotten his conviction, This brings a big smile from me.
    Let the one world games begin
    ( woe is to those who pile up the coins in Belgium) Billy Meier and the coming times predictions and prophecies. I ad here that a prediction can not be changed just prophecies. Those words where prediction.
    Much love to Mr keshe my thoughts are with you.

  14. Lou Debilio says

    All you disbelievers! Can’t you appreciate what the glorious Messiah has given you??????? All that awesome knowledge and technology!!! Soon we will make kilos of gold, and that’s all that counts. We’re done with greed!!!

    Love is in the air! And drugs are in the veins! In other words: love, light and happiness make a nice group of dumb followers who believe just anything!

    And now excuse me please, I have to prepare another vodka shot for Sandor, and another batch of weed gans for Armen, to keep them at bay.

    Remember: the gans is always whiter on the other side!

  15. bass blom says

    how gullible one has to be, to believe a man claiming an ordinary sun halo..
    is a spaceship, hiding behind the sun..

    that same man, m. t. keshe, who builds a structure of gullible supporters around
    the miraculous effects of Co2 in solid state.

    that same man who literellay said:
    thats why I never did chemistry, I never understood how this thing work

    the coils, the gans, the pain pens.. he also said one does not need it.
    we can do all the miracles by ourselves.

  16. Monique Glibert says

    The technology taught by the Keshe Foundation is incomplete, may be, but still a lot of it is effective and works. If we carry on working at it, for the good of the human race, I believe the solutions will show themselves to us. I am grateful to Carolina and Merhan for heir dedication to the Foundation, and through it to us all.

  17. Keyvan Davani says

    After thousands – or should I say millions of years? – , there is no other way or process than to intentionally and strategically direct the shameful, criminal, and rooted stealing – system, including the many deeply corrupted ******** systems (“conflict of interest” is actually an understatement…) around the world – beyond imagination – against itself: we are intelligent enough to understand – that this conviction (suspended sentence) by the Belgian court is the only and realistic strategy to bring the same super-criminal “puppet-masters” and pedophile structures, who control this artificially created slavery-system on our planet Earth (central bank of the central banks plus their total criminal immunity!; debt-based fiat-currency-system; more and more debts, taxes and interest-rates for the poor and middle class; hyperinflation; gigantic bubble of thousands of trillions of derivatives; mass-poisoning; wars; depopulation-agenda [no, it is a conspiracy-fact!], systematic dumbing down of all our children etc. etc.), and who threaten, intimidate, and murder scientists (+their families); who steal, abuse, and suppress life-changing and (r-) evolutionary technologies (i.e.: global patent-system; confiscation of patents and technologies in the name of “national security”?)…to justice and bring light into the reality of the truth once and for all through an exhausting appeal-process to the European Court of Justice in the next years etc. – before we, as one human race, begin a totally evolutionary and transparent transformation with true ethos of peace, knowledge, understanding the universal science and technology. Where are those so-called “investigative” journalists and responsible media-decision-makers, who still have the “civil courage” to disclose the facts! behind the scenes and make humanity understand the totality of what is really going on?!! Millions and millions of authentic, positive and confirming testimonials on every level around the world one can think of, just cannot be ignored: the scientific and visible evidence-based before-and-after data, results, analysis, cause-and-effect…in every field of our existence, science, and technology speak for itself. It is time for humanity as a whole to face its own ignorance and stupidity, wake up in masses, and elevate their own intelligence, understanding, and ethos of peace from within their essence of Soul.

  18. TomWhoKnowsNothing says

    Brett my friend, everyone can see what’s on the table: a global scam. The reason why people expose this scam is that scams are not a good thing. If you still support it, you are complicit, it’s that simple. Whatever you CLAIM to be on the table does not exist. In fact, not even the table exists. You have been mind****** by a psychopath. There is a reason why they call him EMPTY Keshe: because there is nothing there. You are worshipping mental, moral and scientific emptiness, and try to give it all kinds of names and reasons.

    Does any of you Keshe supporters really believe that anyone wants to suppress free energy ? If there was such a thing, we all would welcome it with open arms. But Keshe is only after the money. And you guys are complicit in the crimes of a convicted criminal.

  19. G.K says

    If Keshe he is Criminal , why he is out of jail 😉
    There’s governments and laws , if someone he is Criminal , he will go to jail

  20. G.K says

    As your said :
    according to news sources out of Belgium yesterday, August 9, 2017.
    Please Give us a link for that source.

  21. the real Gunnar (especially for Kakasi..;-) ) says

    Keyvan writes about ” the scientific and visible evidence-based before-and-after data, results, analysis, cause-and-effect”. Well, if there are such things, why are there NO studies made by an university? Why are these so called “scientific” results just viewable on youtube or Facebook. So the word “scientific” is simply wrong in this connection. It is scam from the beginning. Maybe it is useful for the Keshefollowers to have a look at the old and very old promises, their guru made. As there are:
    1. flight to the moon, sold until 2012 for 50000 Euros, due 2016/17
    2. earthquake in California (RS 24, Keshe should learn to understand logarithmic scales) due in 2015 and again 2016
    3. a flying car (due in 2011 and again in 2016)
    4. peace on earth (he wanted to force the peace by his own will in 2016)
    5. antiwrinkle lotion (sold without any testing since 2016)
    6. a functioning free energy generator (sold since 2011, told that many people in Ghana are testing it, but where are the results?)
    7. and so on, and so on

    Keyvan, Rick can surely bring light into these dark promises, but people from Ghana, ask Mr. Keshe about them, ask….

  22. Dirk Laureyssens says

    You can find the newpaper links on www. keshefacts .org. MT Keshe and his wife, both, were convicted for medical fraud.

  23. Susan Wunder-Schubeck says

    Keyvan Davani is just lying with his “Millions and millions of authentic, positive and confirming testimonials on every level around the world”. They don’t exist. Even not on the paper or on Keshe websites!
    It is strange and obvious: He clearly damages the man whom he says he wants to help.
    Mr. Keshe is urged to clarify that there are not millions of testimonialsn in his next workshop. It will not be an easy step for him. Unnecessary, if Keyvan Davani wouldn’t have invented that lie!

    And so Keyvan Davani is one of the best Keshe-debunkers, because he is read and heard by the Keshe followers. He hits in the heart of the organization. He hits directly Keshe and his wife.

    Same thing with Peter Salocher, who damaged Mehran Keshe with every single action with which he pretended to want to help him. Until Keshe ordered him to be quiet. Who pays Keyvan Davani and Peter Salocher for their false flag attacks?

  24. Lou Debilio says

    ahahahahah you guys got some weird entertainment going on there. World peace in action huh?

    Holy cow!That Armen dude almost got sober. Caught him last minute while he was trying to analyze the magrav car unit in that state. Whew! Truth no good for the business heheheheh. But don’t panic! One second later he got another shot of pure weed gans and boom! he was his old self again! Had to recharge Crammond too. Unfortunately my last needle detached and got lost somewhere inside him, nevermind it really doesn’t matter anymore with these guys. Who knows what kind of weird stuff they got in their bodies. I’m not a doctor – I’m a bricklayer!

    Oh by the way, ole Keshe is on the run again. He gotsta have nerves of STEAL, and he gots dem! Living with Caroline for years he really has no choice ahahahahah!!! And STEAL they do!! They STEAL money health time minds souls………

    Now excuse me please, gotta fill Kakasi up again. Every day same sh*t with these guys…… And we need more of these “one nation, one insanity” workshops too to keep dem brainwashed! Davani?? Hopeless case. You couldn’t get him sober even if HE wanted it ahahahahaha!! Oh I see tumbleweed!!!Yay tumbleweed!!!!!!!!!!!! ELLLLAAAAAA!!!!!! Where’s dem syringezzzz?????

  25. Matt Keiser says

    I don’t understand why there are still people following MT Keshe, or even defending him. The reason for this must be bad upbringing. Obviously they never learned the basic rules of how to behave, and what is right or wrong. MT Keshe has been proven to be a crook, not just once, but hundreds of times, on so many different levels. Now he even was convicted, and he is still being defended, which makes his defenders complicit. The madness he speaks during his ‘workshops’ exposes him as a total fraud within 2 minutes – but people still listen to him for hours and hours. They must be masochists! There has never been any working magrav generator, and there never will be any working magrav generator, as the whole hype is based on faulty science. IT JUST CANNOT WORK – PERIOD. Trying to make it work is like trying to make a snail fly. You can try, but it just won’t work. But yes you can tell miraculous stories about how you succeeded, and eventually a few dreamers will believe you.

    Despite of this reality, there are some really gullible fellows who desperately want this “technology” to be real. But because they have no idea about science or chemistry, they believe all the fairy tales. No proper scientist would take the Keshe Foundation seriously, and yet Keshe’s sensationalism attracts all the fraudsters and greedsters, because they want a piece (not peace) of the cake. What a sad sad world. To sell this nonsense as an innovation is nothing short of non-religious blasphemy. Now add to that the obvious religious blasphemy of MT Keshe plus all the aggressive libel and lashing out, and it couldn’t get any worse. Then he even has the nerve to refer to researchers he insulted and who debunked him, as if there was any mutual respect. This is in-your-face abuse at the lowest level. And not only does the Keshe Foundation fool and betray gullibles, they even fool and betray each other within their own organization. It is one big swamp of corruption, greed and lies.

    Now it seems a whole movement has been created, the Keshe lovers vs the Keshe victims. So MT Keshe brought these two groups up against each other with his divide-and-rule approach to create conflict. Keshe created his own enemies, which he can use as a scapegoat, similar to what all the racists, nationalists, supremacists and cultists do. This is not peace. This is not a space organization. It is fully transparent ABUSE for anyone to see, except for those who seem to enjoy being abused, or those who enjoy abusing others through the Keshe fraud.

    Keshe is so fake that not even an amoeba would fall for him. But his followers worship him like a deity, which says a lot about their intelligence and awareness, or the lack thereof. This whole thing is beyond insanity. Whatever drove the court that let this man go free? He is intentionally doing wrong. He should be locked away in the darkest corner of a madhouse, along with his wife and his questionable supporters, to save possible future victims from the damage that inevitably awaits them. And I’m sure a whole lot of people agrees with me, especially those who already lost a lot of money or even a loved one. Terrible terrible! Please put an end to this nefarious fraud, so that REAL scientific breakthrough and REAL peace gets a chance.

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