Minister dissatisfied with Keshe’s relationship with Ghana Atomic Energy Commission

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng, the Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, has expressed dissatisfaction with an Iranian Scientist Mehran Tavakoli Keshe relationship with the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission.

According to the Minister, upon scrutinising the portfolio of the Iranian Scientist, he discovered that some of his activities, predictions and medicinal product purported to cure certain diseases were not genuine.

“After my appointment I decided to review the operations of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission and I came across this Iranian Scientist called Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and was not convinced with his activities…… so I told my colleagues to look into his activities to help me have satisfaction,” he said.

The Minister added that after scrutinizing the Iranian’s portfolio and Curriculum Vitae as well as some key members of his Foundation, he came to the realisation that, he was not genuine.

He noted that the Iranian Scientist claimed he studied Nuclear Physics at Queen Mary College, University of London, however when we checked with the University, we discovered that the University did not even offer Atomic Physics.

In addition, the Scientist was reported to be preparing to set up an Energy Space Centre at the Atomic Energy and that by next year, Ghana would go to the Space, which the President had no idea of.

The Sector Minister made these known at the swearing-in ceremony of the Governing Board of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission in Accra on Thursday.

The Minister indicated that the same Iranian Scientist made certain predictions in the United States two years ago claiming the continent was going to split into two and that there was an imminent earthquake….and all those predictions didn’t happen.

“He also brought certain things to Belgium that was artificial and people paid money for it….and also devised certain equipment which he brought samples to the Director-General of the Atomic Commission claiming it would reduce power consumption in people’s homes……and I don’t know if this is true,” he said.

The Minister cited a liquid the Iranian had manufactured known as ‘plasma water’ which was examined by the Ghana Standard Authority (GSA) and the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and it came to light that it was pure water.

The Iranian Scientist alleged the liquid which he had bottled and sold at $10 each could cure diabetes and hypertension and supported his claim with a video from Youtube as a strategy to market the product.

“The President is concerned and I think we must review our relationship with this foreigner who in the first place should not have been allowed to set up a camp at the Atomic Energy.

“We don’t want further embarrassment…. if we want to go to space we have our own space programme……his theories as far as am concerned have no scientific basis,’’ he explained.

The Minister charged the Commission to review its operations, especially regarding agreements and Memorandum of Understanding signed with companies and foreign contracts.

Prof. Frimpong-Boateng said all contracts signed with foreign agencies should be reviewed by the Attorney-General to avoid mistakes.

The Minister had earlier administered the Official Oath and Oath of Secrecy to the Board members and charged them to come out with strategic policy direction that would move the Commission from its current predicaments.

The seven-member Board comprised, Dr. Kweku Aning, Chairman, Professor Benjamin Jabez Botwe Nyarko, Director-General of the Commission, member, Professor Alexander Kwadwo Nyarko, from the University of Ghana, member, and Madam Isabel Louisa Boaten, a legal practitioner, member.

The rest are Mr. Joseph Sowa Okpoti, Former Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Volta River Authority, member, Dr. Robert Adjaye, Energy Provider Consultant, member, and Mrs Levina Owusu, Government nominee, member.

Source: GNA

  1. Dirk Laureyssens says

    Thank you for this important news message from your web website. That was a very smart move from your Minister of Environment and Science, Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng, to check Mr. Mehran Tavakoli KESHE in depth.

    Mr. Mehran Tavakoli KESHE has a long history of fraud, starting years ago by selling online, non-existing 3-5 KW power generators at 5,000$. Then Mr. Mehran Tavakoli KESHE started to offer medical “plasma” reactors, promising that these would heal all kind of illnesses. However these “unique” top-of-art medical reactors were just 10$ supermarket soup thermos containers with inside the walls some ordinary magnets. Mr Keshe offered such prototype “healing” reactors for 5,000$ till 750,000$ (coma) to ill people. His patients needed to drink every day “plasma” water that was treated several hours in these reactors. In 2012 Mr. Keshe introduced a new scam. He offered Magrav plasma units which would reduce the consumption of electricity with ± 70%. He was going to manufacturer 10 million Magrav units in Italy. These Magravs failed completely. Thousands of people paid up to 1,500$ per unit. Today, Mr. Keshe told -during his Knowledge Seekers Workshop Nr. 179 – about NEW PLUG-in Plasma Units to be build in Ghana, and sold in Ghana for 1,000GHS

    In Belgium and Holland Mr. Keshe made some money by giving public lectures about his “magnetic-gravitational” reactor technology. During these lectures Mr. Keshe spoke about “soon” demonstrations of his flying car and about planned spaceship voyages to the Moon in 2016. He offered tickets @ 100,000$. Further Mr. Keshe claimed often to be able to create GOLD from the air.

    For the moment there is in Belgium, before the Criminal Court of Kortrijk, a Court case against Mr. Keshe and his wife Mrs. Carolina De Roose happening for (1)fraud, (2) illegal medical practices, and (3)medical experiments on humans. The Belgian public prosecutor charged 30 months of jail for Mr. Keshe and 24 months jail for Mrs. Keshe. the final verdict of the Judge will be on August 7, 2017. Probably Mr. and Mrs. Keshe offered similar medical miracle “solutions” in Ghana and in other countries in Africa.

    From the police report of Belgian police we learned that Mr. Keshe is not an fully graduated scientist in Nuclear Science, He never finished his university studies to a Master degree, but he is only a bachelor (BSc) in nuclear science. The members of the Keshe Foundation love to call him Dr. Keshe or Prof. Keshe.

    By his “golden tung” and his self-glorifying style he probably was able to convince the Ghana Atomic Energy Commision of his seriousness and importance.

    Thank you for your good work.

  2. Mark H says

    The technologies of the plasma as MT Keshe has taught are not well known, which makes it more difficult to achieve a consensus on the plasma subjects. It is a new and disruptive science being introduced. Many practical applications have been applied by people from all walks of life with testimonials of plasma applications having phenomenal results from high blood pressure, to processing of cancers, and diabetes. Testimonials relate large reductions of electricity from the grid in their homes through the use of nano technologies offered for the people to tryout. By watching their electrical usage bills over months after installing plasma devices their bills are showing substantial savings.

  3. Eric L Crammond says

    There are allegations in this article that Mr Keshe did not attend Queen Mary College London, and that Queen Mary did not have a nuclear program. These are statements from people who are either ignorant of the facts, or are deliberately misleading the public. Mr Keshe explains in detail his relationship with Queen Mary College London, complete with relevant documents and a timeline history, in the recent broadcast “Blueprint for Peace for Humanity” Day 5 AM July 7 2017″. (As seen here:

  4. Jacob says

    If some fanatic amateurs are publishing unbelievable results and scientists are publishing that the Keshe-tools are not helpful – you shouldn’t think the amateurs have the better understanding, LOL.
    They just don’t have any idea of scientific research.
    The results of the scientists are objective, reliable and valid.
    The amateur’s statements are subjective, full of errors and of no use.

    This is the reason, why M. Keshe is able to make workshops only for amateurs!

    And M. Keshe encourage the amateurs to publish fanatical statements of cure. What a charlatan!
    This is extremely dubious and dangerous. If he would be honest, he would forbit his followers to do that and instead make a scientific study. Mr. Keshe is a fraud who wanted to get rich in Ghana by selling water by $10 a bottle.

  5. Gunnar says

    First of all we have to understand Keshe as a cult. They, of course, have another opion, but anyway…
    It get´s easier when we see this cult as a family: There is a father, a mother and many, many children. Some of these children are the „older brothers“.
    Every child wants to become an „older brother“ because they have a bit more power and the parents like them more. The problem is, that the children do not want to grow up. They want to stay little children, where mummy and daddy regulates everything. The just need to be loved. (By the way: I have proof for everything I write here….Last week on a so called „Workshop“ from Mr. Keshe a woman called in and said under tears „ We love you Mr. Keshe….“.)
    The children want to be special, so Keshe calls them „knowledge seekers“. Now they feel special, they think, they are a special kind of children, they are intelligent, smart and know things better. (That is the reason why they throw people out of the Facebook groups, when they begin to ask things about Keshe, that might contain a critic.)
    But this family here is a bit different. They are a bit like the good old Addam´s family you know from TV. The children want to be like daddy, and when daddy said „We produced gold, we know, how to produce it“, they want to do it as well. And like my children, they go in the garden and pour together some mud and say: Hi daddy, want to taste my „soup“, and daddy come, pretends to eat and say „yummy…“ This is funny, but sometimes these children do dangerous things and nobody stops them. They pour together really harmful chemicals, almost hurt, burn or kill themselves (videos of these things are many to see) and what is more, they hurt or kill other people or animals. And here has to be a border! They pour zinc into ponds or the sea, just because the mother told them to do so (They are proud of that and do not know what they are doing and so they post fotos of that on the internet). It is extremely harmful to fish and the environment. But sometimes it is really funny: Last year, for example, little Pete (let´s call him that way…) was very, very excited: He had produced gold, like his daddy. And he showed it to everyone, and they told him….“Well…nice but this is no gold…“ Little Pete wanted to become an „older brother“. But the problem is: He’s from a country, Keshe does not like anymore, because there are so many children, that get their puberty and ask and question the things the father is doing. Keshe as this powerful father wants to stay in this role and to keep this role he has to invent new things to keep his children entertained. When you watch the so called „Workshops“ you´ll notice the words very often: „We´ll be finished in some days / weeks / months…“ Sometimes he gives dates „We´ll show you the fling car in January 2016“ „In a few weeks there will be a devastating earthquake in California (2015 and 2016 again)“
    And the periods get shorter because the children need more and therefore he makes mistakes, big mistakes, because he knows, that he has to deliver some things and the children are not convinced by sentences like „Well, it worked for ME fine, try it by yourself!“ And sometimes he shows some things, that are very obviously fake (Last month he took some fotos from a 2009 cancer study from Japan (Japan is very far away, so he hoped, that nobody would check…but they checked…) and he told that with his invention the mice were cured in a few days.) Last year he made a „huge“ party in Washington to show an off grid free energy generator, but …..well…. something broke just a day before presentation. My children work the same way…
    Conclusion: Keshe is a cult, he is not a scientist, he needs money, he slanders people who criticise him instead of talking to them and get a solution.
    You can see this things by watching his so called „workshops“ and the comments (if allowed) underneath.

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