Ghana Atomic Energy Commission abrogates MoU with Keshe Foundation for lack of scientific proof

The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission came under a barrage of queries from around the world when news broke that it had started dealing with the Keshe Foundation, led by a man known as Mehran Tavakoli Keshe.

The Commission, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Keshe Foundation sometime in 2016. The two organisations then organized a Space Summit in Accra, and then this year, 2017, they announced that the Foundation was going to build for Ghana, what would be the first Space launch pad in Africa in Ghana. That story also generated global interest leading to questions about the genuineness of the Keshe Foundation.

A GNA report cites Prof Benjamin J. B. Nyarko, the Director-General of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission saying at the opening of the Space Summit that the Commission had over the past year been familiarising, testing and affirming the Keshe technology and its applications, of which the outcomes have been very encouraging and promises a good future for Ghana and Africa as a whole.

But in an exclusive interview with, Prof Nyarko says the Commission has abrogated the MoU it signed with the Foundation because the Commission found that the scientific proposals that Mr. Keshe was making weren’t “very helpful.”

This interview was done on Tuesday June June 27, 2017, and Prof. Nyarko said the MoU was abrogated two weeks earlier.

“They came with some scientific proposals we were looking at. After looking at it we found out that it wasn’t very helpful,” he said, adding that “we have to abrogate the MoU which we had to study the theories, especially those with medical claims. We later found that we can’t have any scientific proofs and so we abrogated the MoU.”

Prof. Nyarko said the Commission didn’t commit money to the proposed projects in Ghana.

“We didn’t commit any money. Keshe was to give us some money. There will be a share of profits when he starts commercial production. We just gave him space. We just gave him an opportunity to speak. We gave him an office space to start the lab work,” he said.

The Commission was even in the process of providing Keshe with land.

“We wanted to give him land for the production, but we later found out that what he was doing and what we are doing are not compatible,” Prof Nyarko told

He also added that the Spaceship project as proposed by Keshe will take a long time for people to understand.

“It will take a long time to get the scientific basis for it. We have a mandate. We have to focus on our mandate,” he said.

The Keshe Foundation among others, makes claims that it has the scientific technology to change the world including having the cure for diabetes and HIV/AIDS.

Keshe is promoting his new Plasma technology which he claims uses mostly natural methods to arrive at natural outcomes.

When asked about the medical claims of Keshe’s technology, Prof Nyarko said he hasn’t seen anything like that.

“I have not seen anything. I have had a letter from the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) saying we are doing a clinical test. If he has any clinical thing to do, he has to authenticate it. Our MoU with him is not collaborative. We just gave him land and space,” he said.

According to Prof. Nyarko, the Commission asked Mr. Keshe to go to the FDA and Ghana Standards Authority (GSA). “We don’t have capacity for that. I’m not aware if he has got that approval from the FDA and GSA. I can’t talk for him, because he didn’t come back.”

He indicated further that the MoU also included training graduates from the Graduate School of Nuclear Sciences. “He has taken 20 graduates from the school to train,” Prof. Nyarko said.

“We also received different stories from different parts of the world and putting pressure on us. Things that are not proven you are now working with it, it will be very difficult for people to buy into it. We are not going to work with him. If he has a place in Ghana, I don’t know,” he said.

Keshe has renovated the building that the Commission gave out to him for research, “but he will move out. We never put in any pesewa into it. The only thing is our human knowledge to help him do the work,” Prof. Nyarko said.

“He was to give us 25 per cent from the project if it succeeded,” he added.

He also told, that he is unaware if the Keshe Foundation has an office in Ghana.

Meanwhile, Mr. Keshe in one of his Youtube videos published on June 22, 2017 says in the coming weeks, he would announce the establishment of more than 10 to 20 Keshe Foundation manufacturing across Africa.

Adding that, The Keshe Foundation international which will be called Keshe Global will be based in Ghana.

In the video, he also makes claims that the Keshe Foundation will spread its manufacturing across Africa and he believes that the Foundation will move out of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission and be given its own Commission, so that the Keshe Foundation will become part of Ghana and the rest of Africa.

He said further that, he has asked for a new Commission to be set and that wil be done, he said confidently.

He indicated that he is training scientists in Ghana, who will go around Africa training other scientists.

However, a cursory search on the Internet about the Keshe Foundation shows mixed reactions. The scientific basis of his claims are being questioned all over the Internet, but it appears he has supporters attacking everyone who questions his claims.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi & Pascal Kudiabor

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  1. Robert Stankowic says

    Ar last Ghana officials begib to detect the truth about this Iraniab crook, Btw – Keshe has been on trial for scam and illegal med experiments in Kortrijk, Belgium and will most likely receive a 2 1/2 years prison sentence, together with his wife Carolina de Roose, who may face two years in prison. The verdict will be on friday, July 7th

  2. QuestionEverything says

    A victory for sanity!

  3. Art Dehls says

    The fact that you have worked with this man is disgraceful and a humiliation for Ghana. What is even more shocking is that 20 students from your graduate school left with him. Can this be true? Anyone with any knowledge of basic science would be laughing in Keshe’s face after hearing him talk for half a minute. His scam is that weak, that flimsy. I sincerely hope those students show that they have some knowledge and common sense, and walk out on him on the first day.

  4. Marc says

    “But in an exclusive interview with…” I would be very curious where is that exclusive interview? Why do you not place a real reference to that interview.

  5. Jacob says

    Ghana can be thankful to Peter Salocher who continuously damages Mr. Keshe whereever he can. Peter Salocher makes fun of Mr. Keshes earthquake-forecasts which all were wrong .
    He debunked the gold-production lies of Mr. Keshe and showed their absurdity.
    He translated the most embarrasing parts of the ‘teachings’ of Mr. Keshe so everybody can laugh about that insane nonsense.
    Mr. Keshe had been very generous when he had allowed Peter Salocher to be a student of the Keshe foundation inspite of Salocher made trouble to the Keshe foundation all the time.
    With the help of Peter Salocher and Dirk Laureyssens Ghana finally could get rid of the big liar Keshe.

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