Christians reminded to be peacemakers

BibleReverend Daniel Anim, Minister in charge of the Mount Moriah Congregation of the Presbyterian Church, Danfa, on Sunday urged Christians to always endeavour to forgive the sins of each other reminding them to be peace makers.

He said: “The Bible admonishes us, as Christians to even settle scores we have with others before giving an offering in church, saying “as much as it depends on you, live at peace with all men.”

Rev. Anim was delivering a sermon at the inauguration of the Bible Study and Prayer Group (BSPG) of the Asylum Down Presby congregation. The sermon was on the theme: “The Lord Forgives”

He said most Christian recite the part of the Lord’s Prayer, which says that “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” but are not able to fully forgive those who sin against them.

Rev. Anim said: “If we learn to forgive others partially, God will also forgive us partially and if we learn to forgive whole-heartedly, God will forgive us whole heartedly.”

He noted that initiating peace and forgiveness meant that a Christian takes the first step towards forgiveness, even if they are the ones who have been wronged.

Rev. Anim further said many Christians felt sick not because someone had done something evil to them, but because they harboured ill-feelings and bitterness against others and advised Christians to be conscious of their roles as peace makers in the world.

The BSPG, which currently have a membership of 22 people, invited people to join them for bible teachings and prayers every Tuesday.

Mrs Betty Aduhene-Chinbuah, President of the Group, said the group’s main purpose was to study the bible and engage in intercessory prayers.

Source: GNA

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