GOIL says will transform automobile lubricant products

GoilThe Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL), has injected into the automobile industry specially formulated lubricants for commercial and private cars to protect engines against oxidation, rust and corrosion.

“The non-toxic and biodegradable lubricants with specially additives are to ensure that the physical and chemical stability of the product remains unchanged even after prolonged exposure to mechanical and thermal stresses.

The products provide excellent acceleration, and gives extra mileage at a low cost in an environmentally friendly manner due to its strong power to significantly lower carbon emissions from vehicles, Mr Patrick Akpe Kwame Akorli, GOIL Managing Director told Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra on Friday.

The new lubricants are: GOIL Power Trotro, good quality single-grade diesel engine oil suitable for older designs of naturally aspirated diesel engines.

GOIL Heavy Duty is premium single-grade quality engine oil that fulfils the needs of most diesel and petrol engines suitable for naturally aspirated as well as turbo charged diesel engines.

The GOIL Power 4WD is versatile quality multi-game oil developed to control the aeration properties of high technology engines so as to minimise the air entrainment in the lubricating oil, ensuring long usage.

The GOIL Super Taxi is premium quality single-grade gasoline/petrol engine oil, suitable for naturally aspirated or mildly turbo charged diesel engines.  It sustains viscosity stability during use.

Mr Akorli who is also known as Togbe Adza-Nye IV Dutorfia of Ziavi said based on a survey conducted, GOIL Management and Board decided to segment the automobile market for its lubricants.

“This led to the development of unique products for each transport segment to suit… peculiar engine needs and capacity,” the GOIL MD stated.

He said the segmented market also aims at reducing the challenges drivers and car owners go through in selecting lubricants.

“With the specialised lubricant you easily identify what to buy for your car,” he said.

“These new range of competitively priced lubricants aptly named to enable motorists easily and readily select the most appropriate product for one’s  uses or drives.

“These lubricants are currently available at the Company’s retail outlets and selected distributors, and are formulated with special additives to provide extra quality to each market segment.”

In view of this, GOIL recently launched a national campaign to educate the motoring public on the new lubricant to support engine parts of vehicles, aimed at adding value to its customers.

He said despite introduction of the new products, the Company continues to market it’s tried and tested lubes (Diesel Gamma, Motor Oil HD and Super motor oil).

Currently, GOIL supplies Super XP and Diesel XP in place of the normal fuels for all kinds of vehicles to give added value to customers at no extra cost.

Super XP and Diesel XP have water dispensing and cleansing properties which protect one’s engine and ensure its longevity.

Mr Akorli said GOIL automotive fuels provide excellent acceleration, and gives extra mileage at a low cost in an environmentally friendly manner due to its strong power to significantly lower carbon emissions from vehicles.

For aviation and industry, he said GOIL provides transformer oils, heat treatments and industrial lubes for hydraulic systems, turbines, bearings, open and close gears, and industrial transmissions.

“Also GOIL has a range of greases that are used for lubricating and protecting mechanical machinery as an alternative to liquid lubricants, particularly when lack of space or problems connected with dripping makes it difficult to use oil.”

He said GOIL has brought dynamism to its operations, re-energised its staff and up-lifted the looks of its retail outlets to meet all the challenges in the energy industry and be the number-one choice of the people.

Source: GNA

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