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Seven -year old boy escapes beheading

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An eight-member medical team at Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) has successfully performed a surgical operation on the throat of a seven year old Fulani boy, who survived an attempt by unknown assailant to behead him.

The incident occurred at Busunu in the West Gonja District.

The team, comprising three doctors, an anaesthetist and four nurses, used a surgical procedure called wound exploration and dividment to close the eight centimetres long and four centimetre wide wound.

Currently, his bleeding has stopped and the condition of the little boy is stable and responding to treatment at the Hospital, says Dr Michael Damah an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, who was part of the operation.

He told Ghana News Agency in an interview that the operation lasted for one and half hours.

Dr Damah said on Thursday April 26, the patient was admitted with the condition of an open bleeding wound.

Asked about the cause, he said parents of the boy heard him crying around 0230 hours on Thursday at 2:30 am and when they rushed to find out the cause they found him lying down in a pool of blood with his throat slashed and was rushed to TTH.

Dr Damah said the boy was traumatised and is likely to be aggressive toward strangers or could remain timid, if he is not taken through psychological therapy.

Madam Genevieve Adzine, a Police Criminal Investigation Division Officer attached the TTH expressed regret for the incident and said her outfit would conduct the necessary investigation to arrest and punish the perpetuator.

Source: GNA

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