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Biofuels have potential to transform global economy

Slowly but surely, an extraordinarily important new industry is slowly taking shape, with the potential to transform the global economy. After years of existing largely as an environmentalist’s fantasy, commercial production of biofuels for the world civil aviation industry is slowly becoming a fact, with production starting up across three …

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One year to go for London 2012 Olympics

Today, 27 July in Trafalgar Square, London, President Rogge of the International Olympic Committee will address elite sports men and women around the world.  He will invite them to form teams ready to compete at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  The final countdown will begin.  An exciting year …

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Dealing with the filth on our beaches

Simply put, filth can be described as any substance considered as unpleasant, unclean and/or unwanted. Such unclean things could be waste matter, dirt, grease or any other unused and unwanted material. Filth has lived with us for quite some time now; to the extent that beaches which are supposed to …

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Would Africa ever become a world economic power?

A review of the historical antecedents of world economic power indicates the specific times that a number of nations (usually Western) had influenced the world through economic means, dating back to the 13th Century. In most cases in the past, economic power was preceded by military sovereignty which brought in …

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Telecom promotions, games of chance, lotto and the laws of Ghana

For years telecom operators in Ghana have been organizing text and win promotions but nobody cared to question why some of them charge premium rates of up to 75Gp per text message for a chance to participate until recently when the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) decided to use Airtel and …

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When Prince William marries Kate Middleton

This Friday, on April 29, His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales, the second in line of succession to the British throne, will marry Miss Catherine Middleton in Westminster Abbey in London. It will be the most high-profile Royal Wedding in thirty years. The announcement of the couple’s engagement on …

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