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Mining in Ghana – paradox of profits, pollutions and poverty

Mining in Ghana has been going on for over 100 years now. And 100 years of any business venture is long enough to show visible signs of progress and understandably positive returns, both economically and socially. But whatever benefits mining in Ghana has brought the country, can best be seen …

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Ghana Elections: Too close to call in Accra

Not since Ghana played Brazil in the 2006 World Cup has the whole nation been galvanised around a single event as now. It is election time. Both a presidency and a parliament of 230 members are in the gift of the electorate. And how the electorate is making the candidates …

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Insurance scheme brings relief to Ghana’s informal sector

The informal sector is highly significant to the Ghanaian economy, yet it has not been properly structured. For instance, the majority of those engaged in the informal sector are not captured on the list of the Social Security and National Trust (SSNIT), the mandated government agency responsible for their social …

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Every business begins as a bad idea

All the successful businesses around began as bad ideas. Google.com, Multimedia Group Limited, UT Financial Ltd., General Law Consult, Papaye and so on. They are often said to be bad ideas of the originators because others do not share in those views or they simply do not understand the vision …

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