Ground Floor: Why love fails sometimes

Only a few days ago, despite the global financial meltdown, Valentine’s Day was celebrated all over the world. The day which falls on February 14 every year is exclusively set aside to celebrate love.

Love certainly is a beautiful experience. It is one of the sweetest feelings of human emotions. It feels good to love and to be loved.

It can be enthralling to watch two people in love doing everything they can to stick together, sometimes against all odds, indeed, even sometimes; people resist every perceptible sign of opposition to their love affair, despite the fact that some interventions are logical, true and desirable for their own good.

Love experiences are often unforgettable, because of the beautiful lingering feelings it leaves etched in the memory of lovers or even, ex-lovers.

Love drives people on and moves them to tie the knot. At this point, people pledge and make vows to live together – in good times and in bad times.

Some, driven by the captivating power of love even go to the extent of vowing to die for each other if need be.

Some of the successful entrepreneurs and business people around have said on some occasions that they get better at and succeed at what they do because they love what they do. So to a large extent even business success also depends on love. If you love what you do, then you are more likely to give it your best shot, and then for the love you have for the project, you will make sure it succeeds.

But why does love fail sometimes? Some people have said that, these days it is hard to find true love. And true love is said to be enduring and dependable love – love that does not express itself for personal or material gain.

Love that is based on material reasons do not last. It fades just as the material object it is based on loses its value.

Most young men have realised too late that the love of their lives have abandoned them when they had found someone else who was materially well to do. Money, it is said is the reason why some people fall in love. Some men would love some women for their material possessions, just the same reason for which some women also love some men. But the moment the money or wealth is dissipated, love evaporates into thin air.

Love would fail, when there is poor communication. Couples quarrel, fight and abuse each other when there is misunderstanding of issues. Sometimes, very simple issues that lead to failure of love could have been clarified with a simple explanation. And all it could have taken to get the explanation is a simple request.

Love fails, when couples talk less and care less about one another. When issues affecting one does not matter to the other and there is little interest in what the other does, love is bound for failure.

It is part of human nature to err. And it is imperative to forgive. But when lovers hold offences against each other, love suffers and eventually it could be bound for failure. By forgiving each other, lovers are communicating the value they put on each other, and by valuing each other high, love bonds can be strengthened.

By sharing your opinions in respectful ways and treating each other with dignity, your love may suffer some jolts, but it is more likely to endure.

By communicating regularly, you give your love a lifeline to survive on in difficult times.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

Email: [email protected]

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