Ghana inflation rate slows to 25% in April

The year-on-year inflation rate slowed in April to 25 per cent compared with 25.8 per cent the previous month, the Ghana Statistical Service said on Wednesday.

This means that in April 2024 the general price level was 25.0 per cent higher than April 2023.

Month-on-month inflation between March and April 2024 was 1.8 per cent.

At a press briefing, Professor Samuel Anim, the Government Statistician said the Consumer Price Index for April 2024 was 213.3 relative to 170.5 for April 2023.

He said food inflation contributed 26.8 per cent to all inflation compared to last month’s food inflation of 29.6 per cent with the month-on-month food inflation being 2.1 per cent.

Meanwhile, non-food inflation also contributed 23.5 per cent, compared to last month’s non-food inflation of 22.6 per cent with the Month-on-month being 1.5 per cent.

Inflation for imported items was 23.5 per cent compared to that for locally produced items, which was 25.7 per cent.

On the regional inflation basis, the Upper East recorded the highest inflation rate of 42.5 per cent, while the Oti Region maintained its records of 11.3 per cent as the lowest regional inflation.

Source: GNA

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