Emission levy would affect transport fares – passengers

Some public transport passengers have expressed worry over the impending negative impact of the implementation of the emission levy on transport fares.

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) on February 1, 2024, announced the commencement of the implementation of the Emissions Levy Act 2023 (Act 112) which imposes a levy on carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from internal combustion engine vehicles.

The move, according to the government, aligns with its commitment to combat greenhouse gas emissions, with the aim of promoting eco-friendly technology and green energy, as well as enhancing environmental management. 

Mr. Kwadjo Adjei, a public transport user, reacting to the introduction of the levy, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that his fear was that drivers and transport operators would transfer the amount they would pay as an emission levy to passengers to pay. 

Mr. Adjei said that this would obviously lead to an increase in transport fares and its ripple effect on goods on the market, particularly essential goods like foodstuffs.

Mr. Nicholas Appiah, a passenger, stated that with the numerous issues drivers were already complaining about, this would serve as a springboard for them to shift the transport industry’s financial burdens onto the passengers who do not have any other alternative to public transport.

He said the government should help alleviate the burden on the poor Ghanaian by reducing the many levies put on vehicles, which tend to negatively impact socio-economic lives.

Madam Comfort Amoako, a trader, told the GNA that she was worried about the levy’s impact on her work, explaining that when fares are increased, it means they have to pay more to cart goods from the farms to the market, a situation that would lead to higher prices of commodities. 

She called for a dialogue on the issue to deliberate on its impact on transport operators, traders, consumers, and passengers while looking for other measures to address environmental emissions issues.

Source: GNA

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