Regular checkup of sugar level said to be key in combating diabetes

Mr Abena Ajesua Addo-Painstil, a Public Health Nurse at the Tema Polyclinic has called for a regular check-up of sugar levels for immediate management and care of diabetes.

“At least once every month you have to check up and know your sugar level, those who have already been diagnosed should stick to medication as prescribed by a qualified health practitioner, see a medical officer doctor often, and manage the situation as currently there is no scientific cure,” she said.

She explained that diabetes occurs as a result of a defect in the pancreas or the body not being able to utilize insulin noting that it is not true that excessive intake of sugar results in diabetes.

Mrs. Addo-Painstil was speaking during a free health screening organized by the Lions Club International for Tema residents.

She said untreated high blood sugar from diabetes could damage one’s nerves, eyes, kidneys, and other organs which drastically deteriorate one’s state of health.

She mentioned that regular check-up and adhering to doctors’ advice reduces the intensity of the disease and had the potency to clear diseases from one’s system.

The Public Health Nurse said symptoms included frequent thirst, dizziness, loss of weight, blurry vision, fatigue, and infections, especially among women.

She urged diabetic patients to stick to their medications and visit health facilities from time to time and avoid self-prescription medication.

Mrs Addo-Painstil added that educating oneself about diabetes and taking steps to prevent or manage it could help protect one’s health and called for greater attention on the youth, especially adolescents from suffering the conditions

Source: GNA

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