A child’s embrace and laughter become a woman’s nightmare

When Miss Zainab Seidu Issah saw her friend’s child running towards her, she opened her arms for an embrace, a gesture that will later cost her dearly.

Her friend, Memuna Gariba, did not like what Zainab did so she later allegedly poured hot water on her, resulting in serious bodily and facial burns.

The two women are no longer on speaking terms but the innocent child was oblivious of their feud, Zainab’s sister Fauzia Seidu, told the Ghana News Agency.

When Memuna got home after their brief encounter in town, she called Zainab, warning her to look away anytime she saw her child.

Madam Zainab, a resident of Ngleshie-Amanfro, a community near Kasoa, later went to her friend’s husband to complain about her behaviour but instead of a warm welcome, Memuna poured hot water on her.

She sustained burns all over her body and has been hospitalised.

Madam Fauzia Seidu said the two women were bosom friends only to become enemies after a misunderstanding earlier this year.

She said, “my sister told me that she met her friend with her child and when the child saw her, she ran to her and that made the mother angry. The child knows her.

Mr. Rashid Salifu, husband of Memuna Gariba, told the Ghana News Agency that the victim (Zainab) came to explain what had transpired between the two former friends to him, resulting in a hot exchange of words.

“I was home and the victim came to tell me about their issues by the time I could open my mouth, my wife had poured hot water on her.

The victim and my wife had a little misunderstanding during the Ramadan fasting period but it was settled.”

He added that his wife and the victim were like sisters. “When we got married the victim (Zainab) came to stay with us for about a month.”

Information gathered by GNA at the Amanfro Police Station is that Memuna Gariba was arrested by the Police and was granted bail but the family of the victim is pursuing the matter in court.

Source: GNA

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