Ghana asked to establish a medical jurisprudence system

Dr Isaac Adomako, a specialist at the Salvation Army Hospital in Agona Duakwa has called for the establishment of a medical jurisprudence system in Ghana to deal with medical negligence in the healthcare system.

He said a lot of healthcare workers tend to be careless when administering care because they know that even if something went wrong, they would be covered.

“In Ghana, many healthcare workers or doctors are not held responsible for negligence, but in developed countries healthcare workers tend to be more careful because they know they can be sued and their license revoked should something go wrong,” Dr Adomako told the GNA in an interview

Medical jurisprudence is the branch of law that studies the relationship between medical facts and legal issues.

Medical witnesses may testify in front of courts, administrative tribunals, inquests, licensing agencies, boards of inquiry or certification, or other investigative organisations.

Dr Adomako explained that with the establishment of a medical jurisprudence system in Ghana, there will be a breed of medical doctors specialized in law to ensure that patients were treated right aand with a place to report to should they feel they were not treated well.

He said establishing a medical jurisprudence system in Ghana would help sanitise our healthcare system and reduce the many cases of medical negligence that occur in facilities.

Source: GNA

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