Ghanaian author, Cornelia Amoah presents book to Ethiopian library

Cornelia Amoah (right) making the presentation.

Ghanaian author, Cornelia Amoah has presented a copy of her 390-page book, Women of Distinction Ghana – Journey to the top, to the Abrehot Library, a state-of-the-art public library in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The four-storey facility which covers 19,000 square meters is said to be one of Africa’s largest public libraries.

At a recent visit to the Ethiopian capital she said she got attracted by the words of the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy

Abrehot Library

Ahmed during the inauguration of the library that knowledge is the way out of ignorance and that the 2000 capacity library is the key to unlocking the country’s many untold stories.

“We can prosper if we lay the groundwork for our children to understand our history and the meaning of freedom,” he said.

Abrehot in the Amharic language, the official language of Ethiopia means enlightenment.

Cornelia Amoah said as a global citizen she was struck by this vision. Her book Women of Distinction Ghana which celebrates 50 distinguished Ghanaian women in various career choices has many takeaways from academia, medicine, public service, global affairs, diplomacy, journalism and the arts among others.

Former President of Ghana, J.A. Kufuor wrote the foreword and also launched the book in August 2018.

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