Police investigates punishment of 15-year-old school prefect

Half Assini Police in the Western Region are investigating an alleged punishment meted out to a 15-year-old class prefect which has made it difficult for her to sit down due to severe bruises on her buttocks.

According to the father of the girl, Mr Francis Bronya, his daughter, the class prefect of the school was tasked to write names of students who reported late to school as well as absentees.

The father said unknown to her, one of her colleagues wrote her name as well in the list when she stepped out to attend to nature’s call.

Mr Bronya said when her daughter resumed her seat, she inquired to ascertain who had written her name, but could not find out who did it so she angrily tore the sheet containing the names.

Mr Bronya said her teacher was enraged by the girl’s action and punished them by spanking the whole class and later invited the victim to the front row of the class and gave her extra lashes of which she was alleged to have collapsed.

The father said the girl was later rushed to the hospital after which a formal complaint was lodged with the Half Assini Police.

Source: GNA

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