CBI Ghana signs $80m contract to build largest plant to produce Calcined Clay cement

CBI Ghana Ltd, has signed an $80 million deal to construct what has been described as the largest Calcined Clay Cement plant in the country’s Tema Free Zones Enclave.

The new plant expected to start operations in 2024, has capacity to produce 405,000 tons of cement a year. The plant would substitute 20 per cent of clinker, the raw material used in making Portland cement. Calcined clay cement is a type of pozollan.

According to CBI Ghana, producers of Supacem cement, substituting clinker with calcined clay in cement production will have immense environmental benefits. Using calcined clay to minimise the need for traditional, carbon-intensive clinker is a major advancement towards eliminating the negative environmental footprint from cement production. Globally, cement production accounts for about 7.5 per cent of CO2 emissions.

The new project is financed by an international consortium including its parent company F. Scott, Societe Generale, Norfund, the Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries, and EKF Denmark, with equipment supplied by FLSmidth, the world leader in cement manufacturing equipment.

Meanwhile, In May this year, HeidelbergCement, the parent company of Ghacem, signed an agreement to acquire 50 per cent of shares of and invest into Continental Blue Investment SA (CBI) who is the parent company of CBI Ghana.

As a result of the investment, HeidelbergCement will take part in the construction of the new plant in Ghana. HeidelbergCement through this investment, intends to strengthen its presence in the cement business in Ghana. The joint venture partners also intend to explore additional calcined clay projects in West Africa.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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