The best digital tools to win the hearts of consumers

The digital revolution has brought with it a radical change in the relationship between the individual and his or her reference brand, between the company and the public, and has also drastically changed the laws of internal governance in the various corporate offices. The human capital available to companies, over time, has come to assume more and more value, directing the operational (and communication) strategies of the company towards shores that had never been explored until then.

New ways of interacting

Digitization has triggered new ways of interacting between potential consumers and the various company departments responsible for managing these relationships, progressively reducing the distance between service producers and the end customer. The global pandemic, in the last two years, has accelerated even more a process that had already begun about fifteen years ago, and that in this precise moment is in an absolutely crucial phase. People and companies have never been so close. The power of online communication via internet  has greatly broadened the horizons of many brands, increasing their expressive potential and the reach of their messages. Nowadays, brands feel compelled to expose themselves in the first person even on sensitive and thorny issues, such as ethics, deciding to put their face to leave a good impression on their audience. People, in fact, expect the brand not to behave as a mere service provider, or as a large container that continuously churns out new products. In fact, the company must represent a point of reference in terms of values, it must communicate with languages similar to those of its consumers, whose habits, behaviors (online and offline) and cultural references it must know perfectly. For some time now, people have been expecting their company to also expose itself on crucial issues such as sustainability and climate change, with rather clear stances and continuous reassurances on the low environmental impact of its products.

Consumers are gradually becoming accustomed to choosing their reference companies on the basis of purely value criteria, as if the specific weight of these aspects were far greater than the quality or functional characteristics of the products. If the company acts and expresses itself in a manner consistent with the ideas and beliefs of the consumer, the latter will naturally be oriented to choose it and prefer it to all others. Decisions are no longer made on the basis of the concreteness of the product, on the basis of its tangible value. The selection process that will lead to the purchase, nowadays, is linked to much more abstract and sometimes elusive aspects, such as those that characterize the value heritage of each brand.

The importance of values

In addition to meeting the ethical needs of its consumers, the brand must also acquire the fundamental ability to cultivate the trust and interest of its target audience. This result can also be achieved through the creation of appropriate multimedia content with which to enliven its online communication, making it smarter and more appealing. The aim is always the same: to take the relationship between the brand and people to a new level of development, in a completely new dimension in which the intimacy between the company and its consumer is much higher than before. In a way, your audience needs to be constantly fed with interesting, useful and stimulating content, with satisfying visual elements and with guides that can solve their problems in the blink of an eye. Offering your audience an interactive guide to using a product, or a free brochure that includes valuable advice for solving a concrete problem, or even just to delve into a particularly relevant topic, is undoubtedly a concrete and effective way to get even closer to your consumers (old and new), strengthening their trust in the brand and creating positive associations that will lead to extremely satisfying results.

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The ways to people’s hearts are endless. If you know how to win them over with the quality of your content, with unique experiences that generate real emotions, people will always stay with you, and they will never leave you.

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