Antwikrom Sub-health District records rising cases of Hepatitis B  

The Antwikrom Sub-Health District in the Sunyani Municipality is recording rising cases of hepatitis B, Dr. Kwadwo Addai, a Medical Officer in-charge of the area has said.

According to Dr Addai, five out of every 100 people in the area tested positive for Hepatitis B.

Dr Addai told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview at Antwikrom, saying the area comprised Banue-Nwanta, Atronie, Yawsae, Atuahenekrom, Daadom and their environs.

“Considering the trend of cases, it is likely that many people in the communities have the virus,” he said.

He therefore advised the people to go for regular medical checkups.

Dr. Addai said the mode of Hepatitis “B’ transmission was unprotected sex and body fluids contact and therefore advised the people to avoid contracting the disease through those two major modes of transmission.

He recommended the need for the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to cover hepatitis “B” test and vaccination, explaining because of the cost involved in testing and vaccination, many people hide their infected status and others too did not know and consequently spread it (the virus)

Dr. Addai explained the need to capture the cost of treatment under the NHIS resulted from the gravity of its effect on the human system, saying “the virus attacks the liver cell and causes hepatocarcinoma which is a liver cancer that cannot be cured but can only be suppressed”.

He said because “the liver cell is not replaceable when affected there is the need to protect it from the virus infection”

Source: GNA

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