Tourists share experiences and expectations on Wli Waterfalls

Tourists, both Ghanaian and foreigners, have shared their experiences on the Wli Waterfalls located in the Hohoe Municipality of the Volta region.

They also shared their first-time feelings at the Falls as well as their experiences and expectations in the years ahead.

Mrs Angela Frazier Arthur, Co-Director, ArthurFrazier Tours, USA who was part of a delegation to the Falls told the Ghana News Agency (GNA), she would recommend that there were better bathrooms at the site for everyone to be able to use since a lot of people visit the falls.

She said she does bring a lot of tourists to the Falls and was expecting that many people who would visit, must be made to feel comfortable.

Some members of the delegation shared their experiences and views on the falls with the GNA.

Arletta Frazier said it was her third time visiting and the beauty and nature of the Falls as well as Africans, brought her back adding that she would like to see a lot of seats at the site to enable tourists to have places to rest especially those who might want to take a rest after swimming.

Tia Mckinney, who was on her second visit, noted that she loved visiting the Falls because the water gave her locks (hair) some benefits and added that her presence at the Falls enabled her to ground herself and speak to the ancestors as well as meditate while sitting in the water.

She said, “this is such a beautiful place to reconnect not only with the ancestors but the living as well.”

April Lee said her experience was wonderful with the journey to the Falls while wondering what medical assistance would be given to a tourist who got hurt on their way to the Falls.
She described the Falls as not only Ghana’s secret but a tourist attraction that should be built up.

Erica Boone said she brought her parents to Ghana and at the Falls for the first time which they were enjoying.

“If there is going to be an improvement, maybe improve the path a little so that we can continue to bring our mothers, fathers, and grandfathers so they could enjoy the place as well,” she added.

Arnetta Frazier revealed that she had been visiting the Falls since 1999; a period where there were no bridges to cross to the Falls and added that “things have changed.”

She said it was and still is a majestic thing visiting the Falls and would continue to bring her family back every single time they would be in Ghana because they loved Wli waterfalls.

Robert Heron, a Jamaican and a first-time visitor, said the Falls were nice, precious, and not a joke since “nobody else in the world has it.”

He however said plans must be advanced to make visitors to the Falls feel more comfortable.

Madam Rina Kuma, a Banker said it was her first time which was a surprise from her spouse to her and their son describing the experience as fun and calling on everyone to “join”.

Mr George Kofiedu, a Staff of Venture Force Limited, said he kept coming back to the Falls due to the serene atmosphere, cold weather, and the refreshing feeling gained from stepping into the water adding that he would “come back again.”

Irene Owusua, a student, told the GNA she joined her church members to the Falls being her first time. She said they also visited the Afadjato mountain.

Madam Ruby Adams Akorfa, an Account Officer at the Wli Falls office, said some projects such as the putting up of changing places started by the Hohoe Municipal Assembly, had stalled.

She said the Office had provided some rest stops around its premises and would add more to make visitors feel comfortable.

GNA has also observed the low patronage of the site during this year’s Boxing Day.

Joseph Atsutse, an Artefact seller at Wli said due to the coronavirus pandemic, sales had slowed down because people were no longer purchasing his products.

Source: GNA

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