Beaches at Korle Gonno full of activities despite warnings

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Beaches at the Korlegonno enclave are carrying out their boxing day entertainments, receiving all classes of Revellers despite warnings from the Greater Regional Coordinating council and Ghana Health Service.

Apart from trooping to the various beaches, disregarding the caution from the RCC, most of the Revellers were also not respecting the COVID-19 protocols, thereby putting each other at risk.

Ghana News Agency’s visit to the beaches indicated that Korle Gonno Beach Resort, Nordsee, Sunset beach and Feehi Valley view all at the Korle Gonno enclave were operating to their full capacity.

Revellers were either seen queued up at the gates to buy their tickets, swimming at the pools and sea or enjoying some music and drinks from their entertainers with huge deafening loudspeakers.

Regrettably, most of the Revellers were either swimming together, eating and drinking together or dancing together without nosemasks, thereby defying both the social distancing end nosemasks protocols.

The GNA did not see Revellers washing their hands with soap and running water at any of the beaches.

Patience Amerly Annor, a reveller told the GNA that she never heard of any announcements concerning the closure of beaches, although she admitted that it was dangerous, considering the spike of COVID-19 virus.

Gifty Nartey on the other hand told the GNA that it was unfair to ban the operations of beaches during Christmas as that was the only time they enjoy themselves.

Meanwhile, the Managers of the beaches were tight-lipped on why they defied the warning from authorities.

“What do they want us to do again after closing our spots for close to two years, was the comment from one of the Managers who pleaded anonymity to the GNA.

Another worrying spectacle was teenagers, who were spotted drinking alcoholic beverages at the beaches.

Apart from private security incharge of various beaches, the GNA never spotted police officers or any other security component.

Source: GNA

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