GWCL to change industrial meters

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) on Tuesday announced modalities for changing all meters for industrial entities with new ultra-sonic meters to make it easier for the company to read it remotely.

Dr Clifford A. Braimah, GWCL Managing Director who stated the modalities at a maiden stakeholder meeting with industries within the Tema GWCL Region to deliberate on how best to meet their needs said, “With the new meters we can even teach you how to read it”.

Dr Braimah stated that GWCL had already procured and paid for the new meters which were in its stores awaiting installation.

He said the new industrial meters would make it easier for calibration; an issue some of the industries complained about as some indicated that it took several months for payments made to reflect while some received billings even though their meters were faulty and not functioning.

Touching on water quality, he disclosed that GWCL was undergoing a quality management system to acquire ISO certification as a way to let Ghanaians know that the Company would continue to provide the highest standard of water.

He however urged customers to check their pipelines for any breakages as according to him “we can’t be responsible for what happens to the water at your premises as we ensure that we provide customers with the highest standard of water”.

Answering questions on a number of complains on water shortages at the industries in Tema and its environs, he said the Tema Booster Station serves water not only to the industries but also residential leading to some shortages.

He therefore advised the industries to build storage facilities to store enough water when being served to cater for the period of shortages.

“Every industry must have a storage facility; this will give you an assurance of constant water in case of any shortfalls so as not to affect your productions,” he said.

Tackling a question of water and beverage producer company, BEL-Aqua connecting water from the supply pipes at the Tema Free Zone Enclave, the GWCL MD stated categorically that the needed technical assessment was conducted on the possible impact of the connection before it was granted, indicating that it had no effect on the supply to the enclave.

Officials of the GWCL explained that the Free Zone Water System was built some years back to cater for a certain assumed demand from the industries but over the years the demand had increased rapidly.

He noted that there was therefore the need for the industries to let the GWCL know their daily consumption, and projected consumption for a number of years.

The GWCL MD expressed joy at the industries response to attend the first stakeholder meeting as according to him the meeting was crucial as it afforded both the GWCL and clients the opportunity to bring forth their challenges and suggested solutions.

He said most often they sat in their offices thinking that they were providing the needed service without knowing what exactly happened in the industries and added that the various challenges were being documented for them to address to ensure efficiency in their services.

He urged customers to promptly report to their offices any supply, quality or service challenges instead of waiting for the issue to worsen as that would enable them to tackle such issues quickly.

Source: GNA

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