NGO engages companies on funding malaria project

The Alliance for Reproductive Health, an NGO, has engaged some private sector institutions to find sustainable solutions to fighting malaria.

The Alliance has been working on the (B4M) project with support from USAID in districts, including Nzema and Mpohor, to help fight malaria in the communities in the project catchment area.

Representatives from the Ghana Health Service, private companies, Ghana Gas, GREL, and Tullow oil attended the meeting.

Nii Sarpei, Director of Programmes at the Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights, said the project would end next month and there was the need to ensure its sustainability.

He said there was the need to engage private companies to give support to communities that were highly affected with malaria.

He said the companies could lend either financial or technical support to bridge the gap.

He said the (B4M) project provided support to the vulnerable with emphasis on pregnant women and children.

The discussions focused on capacity building, how to prevent malaria, and the need to create awareness of malaria in the rural communities.

Mpohor and Nzema East District were fully involved in the project.

At Mpohor, some health facilities lack logistics and medication while at Nzema East poor road network made it difficult for communities to have access to proper health care.

Private companies such GREL and Tullow oil provide support to these communities through indoor and outdoor spraying and distribution of insecticide spray and mosquito nets.

Source: GNA

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