Sudan’s PM announces new cabinet

Abdallah Hamdock

Sudan’s Prime Minister, Abdallah Hamdok on Monday announced a new cabinet composed of 26 Ministers.

Speaking at a press conference in capital Khartoum, Hamdok said 25 Ministers have been named, while the naming of Education Minister was delayed for further consultations.

Khalid Omer Yousif has been appointed as Cabinet Affairs Minister, Yassin Ibrahim as Defense Minister, Izz-Eddin Al-Sheikh as Interior Minister, and Mariam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi as Foreign Minister.

Four Ministers in the previous government have kept their posts, including Irrigation Minister Yasir Abbas, Justice Minister Nasr-Eddin Abdul-Bari, Higher Education Minister Intisar Saghairoun, and Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowment, Nasr-Eddin Mufarah.

The peace deal signed by the Sudanese government and armed groups in Juba, South Sudan on October 3, 2020 stipulated involvement of the signatory groups in the transitional period structures, including the Sovereign Council, the Cabinet and the Legislative Council.

The Legislative Council is set to be composed of 330 members, while a commission is set to be established for the formulation of the constitution and the constitutional conference.

Earlier, three members of the parties to the peace process have been added to the Sovereign Council to be of 14 members, while seven Ministries in the new government have been given to the parties of the peace process.

Source: GNA

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