IPI congratulates Akufo-Addo, urges him to order Ghana police to expedite investigation into killing of Hussein-Suale


The International Press Institute (IPI) has written to the President, Nana Akufo-Addo. In a letter dated January 13, 2021, the IPI, a global network of editors, media executives and leading journalists for press freedom extended its felicitations to the president on his re-election as the President of Ghana, and urged him to get the Ghana police to speed up investigation into the unresolved killing of investigative journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

Hussein-Suale was shot dead near his home two years ago, and no one has been held to account yet.

“While the recent elections are a testimony to a strong democracy, we urge you to strengthen press freedom and safety of journalists in the country.

In particular, we would like to take this opportunity to bring to your notice the inordinate, unexplained delay in the investigations into the killing of Ahmed Hussein-Suale, an investigative journalist working for Tiger Eye,” the IPI writes.

In the letter signed by its Director of Advocacy, Ravi R. Prasad, the IPI said a month after the killing in January 2019, the police arrested six persons, but all of them were released due to lack of evidence. Since then, little progress has been reported about the police investigations. Moreover, as the police have not provided any further information, there is no clarity about the reasons for the delay in the probe.

“We find the impunity in this case extremely disturbing. IPI has repeatedly urged your government to direct the police to bring the perpetrators to justice. The failure to investigate the murder of journalists casts a chilling effect on the press, preventing it from fully exercising its democratic function and denying the public’s right to information. The lack of progress in the investigation seriously undermines Ghana’s commitment to press freedom,” the group said, adding, “we therefore urge your immediate intervention in this case to order the police to expedite the investigation.

We fervently hope that under your leadership journalists will be able to work without fear and thereby continue to strengthen democracy in Ghana,” the letter concluded.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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