Halt passage of Public Universities Bill – Ansah-Asare


The legislature have been called on to halt the passage of the Public Universities Bill.

“It seems to me that the Executive and Legislature are bent on passing it into law, despite vehement protests from many well-meaning Ghanaians,” Mr. Kwaku Ansah-Asare, a former Director of Legal Education and Director, Ghana School of Law, said this in a press release, copied to the Ghana News Agency.

He said the Members of Parliament, Ministers and deputy Ministers currently on their way out of Government, have no moral authority to take executive or legislative decisions which directly affected a cross section of the electorate “who have shown them the red card”.

Mr. Ansah-Asare said in his opinion, Members of Parliament who lost their seats had ‘no business” sitting in legislative judgement over the very electorate that had voted them out, adding that the same principle applied to newly elected Members of Parliament, who were yet to commence sittings.

He said the refusal of the NPP government to listen to the views of the “silent majority” on every provision in the Public Universities Bill, contributed greatly to “the NPP’s loss of about 40 seats in Parliament”.

Mr. Ansah-Asare urged the Ministry of Education to consider the views of the opposition and drop the Bill.

“Finally, I would with the greatest respect advise former President John Dramani Mahama to accept the results of the Presidential Polls and concede in the interest of peace in Ghana,” he said.

Source: GNA

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