Kpando residents expect President to intensify fight against corruption

Residents of Kpando Municipality in the Volta Region have highlighted the fight against corruption as their topmost agenda for President Akufo-Addo to embark upon within his next administration.

Some of the people the Ghana News Agency (GNA) interacted with also expressed disappointment in some Ministerial appointment in the previous administration as they felt some positions were created to create “job for the boys.”

Some also spoke about the need for more professionalism on the part of the security personnel.

Madam Joyce Amevi, provision shop owner, said a non- partisan Committee must be set up to provide the needed assurance for non-interference from the Executive in the affairs of the Special Prosecutor.

“We all know that the former Special Prosecutor resigned because he said the Executive was interfering in his job, such things must not be heard of in the next administration,” she added.

Madam Amevi said the fight against corruption was not easy but the next Akufo Addo administration must be seen doing more by prosecuting his own, when they faulted.

“A good father must sometimes be seen scolding his children for wrong doing so that he can scold other children when they offend”.

Mr. Michael Okrah, Okada rider, said it was unfortunate that the ordinary Ghanaian would be punished for minor offences, but the politician was always given the opportunity to apologize and go unpunished.

He said that was not the best way to fight corruption and that the rate at which some people were “treated more Ghanaian than others” was not fair and that might push the youth to rise up someday.

Madam Rosemary Abla, Mobile Money operator, fumed that the country was drowning in corruption and that when political party leaders were in opposition, they felt the need to end corruption.

Madam Bernice Ansah, Businesswoman said the peace that the country enjoyed must be paramount to the President and it was only through peace that the country could progress as a country like Rwanda was now developing and progressing due to the peace they were enjoying.

Madam Ansah also added that justice must work alongside peace for people to have faith in the judicial system.

She said people must trust the courts to be fair and impartial in matters brought before them, no matter the personality involved.

“The fact that I appointed the judges at the Supreme and lower courts should not mean I must be victorious in all cases filed against or by me,” she added.

Source: GNA

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