Court jails teacher 15 years for anal sex with 12-year-old boy

Seth Kwabena Anim, a 30-year-old teacher who had anal sex with a 12 year-old-boy on three occasions at New Achimota, has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment by an Accra Circuit Court.

This was after Anim, charged with defilement of a child under 16 years, pleaded guilty when he appeared before the court on June 17, this year.

The court remanded Anim into lawful custody and deferred his sentence to today.

In his plea for mitigation, Anim told the court that he was not going to repeat the offence again.

Anim additionally prayed the court for forgiveness saying he was writing exams in one of the universities in the country.

The court presided over by Mrs Christina Cann convicting Anim indicated that as teacher he should have known better.

The court further held that as a Teacher, Anim was role model to his students and he should not have taken advantage of his students by having sex with them.

When nabbed, Anim is said to have told the Police that he had sex with the victim on two occasion and not three as stated by the victim.

Again, Anim told the Police that he did not know what came over him.

Prosecuting, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Agnes Boafo, said the complainant is a receptionist residing at New Achimota, Accra whilst Anim is a teacher in a school name withheld at New Achimota, but resides at Akweteyman in Accra.

DSP Boafo said on June 10, this year, at about 1850 hours, the complainant whose son is the victim returned from town and found out that his son (the victim) a Junior High School One student has not done his homework, which were normally sent via the internet and has also not taken his bath.

Prosecution said the complainant became very angry and collected a smart phone she had bought for the victim because of his school assignment.

DSP Boafo said the complainant therefore decided to scroll through the victim’s phone to ascertain what he was up to on the phone, which had prevented him from doing his assignment and had also not taken his bath.

She said when the complainant opened a chat the victim had with one Anim, she saw a cartoon depicting two people having sex so the complainant further questioned the victim who Anim was.

DSP Boafo said the victim told the complainant that Anim was a teacher.

Prosecution said the complainant became alarmed and when she quizzed the victim further, he informed her that he has been chatting with Anim since March this year.

According to prosecution, the victim further said that he had directed the said teacher to his house to assist him do his homework and afterwards, the teacher inserted his penis into his anus.

Prosecution said the victim further disclosed that Anim on three occasions had sex with him.

DSP Boafo said on June 10, this year, at about 1346 hours, the complainant observed that Anim was chatting with the victim on phone saying he would be coming home.

Prosecution said complainant informed the victim that he wanted Anim to be arrested so he should invite him home.

Meanwhile some witnesses had also been alerted by the complainant to assist her to apprehend him.

DSP Boafo said on June 11, this year at about 1130 hours, Anim came to the house to have sex with the victim.

According to the prosecution as soon as Anim entered the complainant’s living room, Anim undressed leaving his boxer shorts and in the process of undressing the victim, the victim coughed aloud to alert the witness’s then hiding in the kitchen to come out.

DSP Boafo said Anim then knelt down and pleaded for forgiveness but the complainant called in a Police Patrol Team from the Regional Police headquarters Accra and Anim was arrested.

During interrogation, Anim admitted the offence in his cautioned statement and admitted having sex with the victim in the complainant’s living room on two occasion and not three.

DSP Boafo said Anim also said that he did not know what came over him to do that.

Prosecution said during investigations, the victim was given a medical report form to seek medical attention.

Source: GNA

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