Kidnapped girls’ families upset about delays in prosecution and DNA reports

Two out of the four families in the Takoradi kidnapped girls incident have expressed disappointment at the slow pace at which the course of justice was trending.

The two, are also not happy with the delay of the release of the DNA report regarding the body remains removed from the abode of the prime suspect, Samuel Udoetuk Wills at his Kansaworodo base in the Sekondi -Takoradi Metropolis.

It would be recalled that in December 2018, the story broke out that suspect Samuel Udoetuk Wills lured three girls: Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie, Ruth Love Quayeon and Ruth Bentum at separate locations and allegedly murdered them.

Another alleged victim Rose Abakah’s issue came out later when her grandmother, one Evangelist Veronica later made public that she was also missing.

The incident which caused some uproar necessitated visits by high profile public officials to the homes of the affected families.

A visit by officers of the Criminal Investigations Department and subsequent follow up by the Inspector General of Police after the alleged arrest of the key suspect brought some hope to the families at the time.

It would be recalled that in September 2019, the visit by the IGP and consultation with the families resulted in an agreement to conduct a DNA test on the bone remains suspected to be that of the kidnapped girls.

Meanwhile, the two families during a visit by the Ghana News Agency seemed to have lost confidence and hope in the whole process of establishing their identities through the DNA tests and the manner in which prosecution had stalled.

Mr. Francis Bentum, father of Priscilla Bentum said, “we are really worried about the silence on the case… nobody is speaking with us on the latest development”.

He said “I was forced to call the CID officer handling the matter and he said maybe the case will be called in early June…infact, i am disappointed at the turn of events, and authorities are not helping us at all”.

On the DNA results and whether his family had accepted the news of the death of the children, Mr. Bentum queried; “I have written an exams but I have not seen my results and you want me to believe that the score my examiner has given me must be accepted hook, line and sinker, oh madam”.

He said until, the DNA result were released to the families, it will be difficulty to accept anything… Priscilla Bentum cannot die like that”.

Micheal Koranchie, brother of Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie who corroborated the above development said, “it is really sad for things to turn out this way, the case has been suspended without any information and we don’t also have the report of the DNA test”.

“Please we really need Justice to put matters to rest and rest our hearts and minds also…the emotional trauma is just too much”.

Meanwhile, in February 2020, the arrested suspects were charged with murder before His Worship Micheal Ampadu of a Takoradi Magistrate Court.

Source: GNA

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