Africa needs indigenous knowledge sources for development

Dr. Gamal Nasser, a founding member of the Socialist Forum, says Ghana and Africa as a whole, should develop indigenous sources of knowledge that suit domestic developmental needs.

This is because challenges of the African continent are different from those of the western world, and require an approach, designed by Africans, who are better placed to understand those problems.

Dr. Nasser, said this at an Independence Day Lecture, which was organised in Accra by the Socialist Forum, Ghana, to mark the 63rd Independence Day celebration of the country.

“The fact that we see nothing wrong with our current educational system is wrong,” he said, adding that the current system of education followed imperialist motives that had been designed to keep Africa under Western bondage.

Dr, Nasser said there was the need for a radical revolution which could produce an African intellectual, who had practical solutions to Africa’s developmental needs.

“Until we resolve our intellectual crisis, we will not be able to achieve the goals we had at independence,” he said.

Mr. Kwesi Pratt Junior, Co-Founder of the Socialist Forum, said the issue of independence went beyond Ghana.

He said there was the need for Africa to unite in fighting against all forms of territorial infringement on the continent, to give better meaning to the continent’s independence.

Mr. Pratt said so far as the current world was besought with several cases of the principles of sovereignty being violated by stronger powers, the objectives of independence for states within Africa were yet to be attained.

He urged Africans to strive for unity, with an aim to have firm and uninterrupted control over their own resources, towards the development of the continent.

Source: GNA

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