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11 First time-tips: Read this before planning to go to Vegas

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You are probably excited about your upcoming trip to Vegas. Thanks to Hollywood movies, you are expecting to find a city with bright lights and glamorous nightlife.

Las Vegas is a great holiday destination, but only if you come there prepared. Here are eleven things you must know before visiting the city.

Keep in Mind that You Will Walk a Lot

Vegas has long blocks, and most buildings are often farther than they look. The famous Strip street is four miles long, and choosing to sight-see the city by foot can leave you more exhausted than you imagine.

For having an enjoyable experience of city sightseeing, you can rent a car or take an Uber, or ride the Monorail. Although it doesn’t reach the City of Las Vegas, it is adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip, and you can take a look at some of the world-famous hotels.

If you rent a car, make extra considerations for parking fees in various hotels and casinos. Depending on the hotel you book, you might get free parking in other hotels that you visit.

Always Carry Sunscreen

Vegas is shockingly hot in the summer. It should not be a surprise because the state is right in the middle of a desert.

Be prepared, pack enough water, and apply sunscreen wherever you go. If you plan to enter some casinos, you should also take a light jacket with you as the air conditions make these places quite chilly.

Traffic Can Get Crazy

Anytime between 4 to 6 pm is peak hours that translate into unbelievable traffic. Taking any form of public transportation during these hours will only frustrate you.

Human traffic can be equally annoying to deal with, starting from 6-8 pm, as everyone is out for dinner. Buffet lines become quite lengthy, and you may spend hours waiting for getting served. Try to have your dinner before 6 pm or after 8 pm to avoid this stress.

Book a Fairly-Priced Hotel on the Strip

The worst thing you can do as a first-timer in Vegas is to book a cheap hotel. You will be sorely disappointed by the quality of service in such a place. You are better off going for a fairly-priced alternative.

The hotel location is equally important. Book a hotel in the middle of the Strip for your convenience. It will be easy for you to access every tourist site and amenity from this location.

Take Advantage of the Vegas Explorer Pass

If you want to save your time and money and still enjoy your visit to Vegas, pay for the Explorer pass in advance. The pass lets you pick many attractions to visit at a bargain price. It also allows booking a bus tour that is an easy way of enjoying all the sights at once.

With so many things to do in Vegas, planning your days can get hectic. The Explorer pass is an excellent option for planning what you want to spend your time and money on these days.

Resort Fees Increase the Cost of Your Stay

There are so many hotels in Vegas, so finding an affordable room is quite easy. However, it would help if you looked into how much resort fee the hotel charges, as it is not always included in the room rate.

A resort fee is intended to cover extra expenses such as the Wi-Fi, a room safe, bottled water, and so on. It can add as much as $45 to your room rate for each night you spend in the hotel.

Poker Machines Are Literally Everywhere

Can’t wait to get to a casino and start gambling? The good news is that poker machines are all over this city, right from the airport.

Mike Tan, a partner at OnlineCasinoGems, said, “If you’re new to gambling, make sure you understand the rules before jumping in.” Online casinos are a great way to understand gambling rules and strategies before coming to real casinos in Vegas. Armed with this knowledge, you should not have a hard time with Vegas’ pokies.

Sign Up for Casino Player Clubs

Every casino you visit has Player Clubs that you should definitely sign up for. It will give you access to many freebies, including discounts to watch Vegas shows, free food, and much more. You won’t lose anything and gain quite a lot by joining.

Do not hold back from signing up, even if you are not an avid gambler. You might come to Vegas again, and you will be grateful for the freebies you will get from some of the casinos you visit. Bit it would be only possible if you have signed up for the Player Clubs.

Dress Code Matters in Vegas

Fashionable clubs have a dress code that you will have to adhere to. Wearing baseball caps, torn jeans, and other prohibited types of clothing are the easiest way of getting kicked out of a high-end casino.

Watch Out for Costume Characters

It is fun to spot a costumed character along the Strip. It might be Elmo, a Minion, or Mickey Mouse.

However, whenever you take a picture with any of them, you will be expected to pay for it. Take a pass, or negotiate for a lower price before taking the photo.

Save Money during Happy Hour

Going to Vegas does not have to be an expensive affair. To beat the high prices, have your food and drinks during happy hour. Thus, you will get reduced prices.

Another way to save some money is by going for one of the many buffets the city hotels offer. Be warned that the buffet lines can get quite long, so you should ensure that you make it there on time.

Are you looking for a quick drink? You can wait a little longer for a free drink at the casino. Gamblers are often served free drinks by the waitresses but don’t forget to tip for the service at least a buck.

Final Takeaway

When planning a trip to Vegas, you should have two main things in mind, and these are heat and crowds. You stand a chance of a great holiday if you avoid these two.

In short, dress appropriately, avoid peak hours and look out for offers and discounts. You never know what you will encounter in Vegas, but it’s always good to be prepared.

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