GFA offers conditional media rights to all radio stations

The Executive Council of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), has decided to make Radio Commentary Broadcast Rights available to all radio stations in Ghana for non-cash considerations.

The rights would be offered to all radio stations who accept the GFA’s conditions associated with the rights including promotion of the competitions, protection of the products and for mileage(adverts and LPMs) for the GFA, sponsors and partners of the competitions.

For management purposes, the GFA has also decided that it would offer the rights to major media groups of companies based on the terms and conditions associated with the rights.

For all other radio stations not affiliated to the major media groups, the GFA would offer the same terms and conditions to them through the major media groups. The GFA therefore reiterates that the rights are available to every radio station in Ghana provided they accept the terms and conditions through the major media groups or the GFA.

In instances where a radio station is not able to reach an agreement with any of the major media groups, they can contact the Communications Department of the GFA to link them with a partner media group provided they are willing to accept all the conditions.

The GFA would publish the list of all media houses which are licensed or sub-licensed to run commentaries on any of its products upon signing of the relevant agreements by the media groups and their affiliates and partners (any radio station that gets a sub-license from the media group).

It said there would be clauses in the agreement between GFA and the major media groups which would ensure that the condition given to the major media groups by the GFA will be same as what they will give to any partner radio stations.

Source: GNA

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