Court remands 18 over treason charges

A Yendi Circuit Court on Monday remanded 18 persons for conspiring to commit treason by discussing creation of another state from Ghana.

They have been charged with conspiracy to commit treason and treason but their pleas were not taken by the court and are to reappear on January 9, 2020.

The accused are Bagbila Nayemi, 57, farmer, Michael Dakoja, 37. tractor operator, Emmanuel Uborifuni, 39, Dawuni Kwaku Liforndor, 49, both teachers, Evan Nayimi, 25, dispatch rider, Jato Nakoja, 23 unemployed, Gmachenbu Unaja, 70, farmer,  Tibene Mpoamo, 60, farmer, Taabor Nyong, 75, farmer, Tamanja Ugajah, 50, farmer and Yawkuma Manyewu, farmer, 25.

The rest are Kwame Njomabi, 40 farmer, David Dakoja, 35, farmer, Bimoti Mpoang, 30, farmer, Joshua Nayeme, 33, farmer, Boaji Jato, 100, farmer, Bimoi Pinaja, 40 farmer, and Baananye Nebikiba, 60, farmer.

Prosecuting, Detective Sergeant Nichodemus Yorke told the Court presided over by Mr Anthony Aduku-Aidoo that the complainants in this case are Bimbilla Police, Bureau of National  Investigations (BNI) and other security agencies.

He said Nayemi is the Chief of Dipa village, whiles Dakoja is a resident at Kpassa in the Oti Region, Uborifuni and Liforndor are both teachers and residents at Kulkpeni and Jonayili respectively.

The Prosecution said Nayimi is a dispatch rider at Bedita Pharmacy based in Adabaraka in Accra but a native of Dipa village, whiles Jato is a Senior High School leaver and resident of Bilimado village and the rest are all farmers from various communities within Bimbilla.

He said all the accused are Konkombas by tribe and on the December 27, 2019, the Bimbilla security picked up intelligence that the accused persons who were leaders and promoters of the so-called “Western Togoland,” were holding a meeting at Dipa village organized by Nayemi to solicit support for the creation of the New State from Ghana.

Detective Sergeant Yorke said, the Police, BNl, together with the Military proceeded to Dipa village where they met the accused persons in a school building holding the said meeting and arrested them.

He said they were then brought to the Yendi Divisional Police Command headquarters for investigations.

The prosecution said during investigations the accused admitted in their cautioned statements they were holding a meeting on the day in question which was geared towards the celebration of their guinea corn festival which was scheduled for New Year day.

Prosecution said in the course of the investigations however, Nayemi and Dakoja in their further statements mentioned Uborifuni as the one who raised the issue of the creation of the so-called “Western Togoland” at the meeting for discussion of which Uborifuni confirmed during the investigations.

Meanwhile one of the accused Dakoja collapsed in court when the case was called and was rushed to Yendi Government Hospital where he was admitted.

Source: GNA

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