Chinese company, Shanghai KS Printing invests in Ghana

Chinese giant publisher, the Shanghai KS Printing, has opened a subsidiary, E-Tang Group Ghana, in Ghana to introduce modern trends and activities to the local publishing and printing industry.

The investor will leverage its huge resource base and global reach to make the local publishing industry more competitive as well as woo Chinese investors to Ghana.

In a speech read on his behalf, at the launch of E-Tang Ghana in Accra, Mr Alan Kyerematen, Minister of Trade and Industry, reiterated government’s determination to achieve high  local content and the right technology in its industrial drive.

“The thrust of our industrial policy is towards developing industries which are export oriented with high value-added, high technology and high local content and having strong linkages with the local economy,” he said.

Mr Eric Worchie, Chief Executive Officer(CEO), E-Tang Ghana, addressing the well-attended launch, said the KS Printing was a global brand which focused on high quality, very competitive pricing and customer satisfaction.

“Our aim is to run a customer focused business and to be a market leader within a very short time. And by the middle of 2020,we should be entering our neighbouring countries,” he said.

He added, “Our-state-of- the-art equipment coupled with efficient and hardworking staff and most importantly, our faith in God, I am confident that we shall have a smooth working relation with publishers and anyone, who calls on us at our office to discuss business.”

Mr Jeff He, an Official of Shanghai KS Printing, said E-Tang would go through three development stages as the Chinese investors expand in the West African sub region.

“The first stage is the trading business where we will produce high quality printing services to local publishing companies that mainly produce textbooks. Second stage, E-Tang Ghana will build a local factory to expand investment in Ghana and make it the headquarters of the West Africa sub region.

Third stage, establish a department called China Investment and Consultancy Department to assist Chinese firms to invest in Ghana,” he said.

According to him, “The more capable Chinese entrepreneurs have not really entered Ghana yet because there are too many cultural differences between China and Africa.

This has necessitated this department which will provide consultancy and guaranteed service for Chinese enterprises.”

He said, “This will range from macro to micro, from policies and regulations and to the establishment of specific enterprises including operational management and specific  personal recruitment and training. This will provide a comprehensive One-stop service for incoming Chinese companies.”

According to him, Ghana – China economic and cultural relationship would be greatly enhanced through the one stop shop arrangement.

He said China had achieved a lot economically and had become prosperous.

“The Chinese government’s development policy for Africa aims at sharing China’s development opportunities and achievements,” he said.

Founded 20 years ago, Shanghai KS Printing Co. Ltd is one of the most renowned book printers in East China.

KS offered printing services for global publishers since 2006, printing for more than 2000 publishers around the globe and raking in over $30 million annually.

Source: GNA

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