My client is exposed to unnecessary danger – Lawyer

Daniel Asiedu

A High Court in Accra has ordered Prison Service personnel who escort Daniel Asiedu, a murder suspect, to court to ensure that every person in lawful custody was protected under the law.

The court further directed the personnel not to deprive Asiedu, aka Sexy Dondon, of food but to ensure that he gets access to his clothes.

“You can’t deprive him of food, he has the right to food and clothing. Ensure that he get his peace,” the trial Judge, Justice George Buadi said on Tuesday.

The Courts order came after Asiedu through his counsel, Mr Augustine Obuor, complained that his client had been exposed to “unnecessary danger” at the Nsawam Medium Security Prison.

“My Lord I pray that the court listen to him,” Mr Obuor added.

Asiedu then informed the court that his co-inmate, who he alleged was mentally challenged, had attacked and assaulted him and as a result he was bleeding through his ears.

Asiedu said his attacker also threw away his clothing.

According to Asiedu he had complained to Senior Prison officials but nothing had been done about the issue.

He said he had to borrow clothes before attending Court.

Asiedu also informed the court that due to the assault, he now had to sleep under a bed for the past 10 days.

However his accomplice, Vincent Bossu recounted to the court that Asiedu engaged the said inmate in a fight, adding it was not true that he (Asiedu) pushed the inmate after he was attacked.

Meanwhile, Mrs Sefakor Batse a Senior State Attorney, informed the court that the Psychiatric Consultant, Dr Samuel Ohene, who examined Asiedu had been served with a hearing notice to attend court.

However, Mrs Batse said when the case investigator followed up to Accra Psychiatric Hospital, he was informed that the Consultant is out of the jurisdiction but informed the court that the Consultant would be back in a week’s time.

The court then adjourned the matter to November 14, 2019.

It further ordered the Registrar of the court to serve hearing notice on the Consultant.
Defence counsel is expected to conclude a cross examination of the Consultant.

Asiedu is standing trial for his alleged involvement in the murder of J.B. Danquah Adu,  former of Parliament (MP) for Abuakwa North at his residence in the year 2016 at Shaishie, near East Legon.

He is standing trial with Bossu who has been charged with conspiracy.

Asiedu has additionally been charged with murder. The court is yet take their plea and they are currently in lawful custody.

Defence counsel had raised the issue of insanity of Asiedu hence prayed the court for Asiedu to undergo medical examination.

After undergoing the medical examination, the results showed that Asiedu was mentally fit to stand trial.

After the medical report, defence counsel sought to cross-examine the psychiatric consultant who compiled the said report.

The defence counsel is yet to conclude his cross-examination because of non-availability of the consultant.

Source: GNA

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