CHRAJ boss calls for reinforcement of cultural practices that abhor corruption

Richard Quayson – Deputy Commissioner, CHRAJ

Mr. Richard Quayson, the Deputy Commissioner of CHRAJ has solicited the goodwill of traditional authorities in reinforcing cultural practices that abhor corruption.

He noted that traditional leaders by their office garnered natural respect from their subjects therefore, speaking on the topic would go a long way to create the needed awareness on the evil impact of corruption on society and the general welfare of Ghanaians.

“This is why the role of Nananom in the cultural review of our communities has become even more paramount to teaching children the  right values to avert corruption as they grow to become leaders”, the Deputy Commissioner added.

The Commissioner was sensitizing the Western Regional House of Chiefs on the National Anti -Corruption Action Plan, a strategic document for fighting corruption for the period 2015 to 2024.

Mr. Quayson recalled how people loved to do the right things in times past adding, “what has happened to the saying that ‘good name is better than riches’…today people are chasing after riches anyhow” and advocated the introduction of integrity education in schools.

The Action plan enjoins traditional and religious bodies to revisit and re-examine cultural and value systems as they raised awareness about effects of corruption and the need to improve the quality of public ethics and morality in the country.

It also stipulates that traditional and religious bodies should develop code of conduct and uphold strict principles of transparency and accountability.

The Deputy Commissioner of CHRAJ said the volumes of monies Africa countries loss to corruption annually was nowhere near the Aid received and conscious effort in curbing the menace would help in realising a country beyond Aid.

Corruption and other such practices have denied the populace of the enjoyment of some fundamental human rights including the provision of hospitals, schools, electricity, good roads and potable water.

Mr. Quayson said corruption had virtually become the order of the day and was highly tolerated in the country and called on all and sundry to own the fight against the practice and contribute to stopping it.

The Action Plan hope to realise a Democratic society, which is founded on good governance and imbued with high ethics and integrity, morality and honest behaviour.

Ms. Linda Kwafo, of the Ghana Integrity Initiative and Partners in the Sensitization programme said it was important that everyone cultivated an anti-corruption behaviour in everyday life.

The GII, she noted was advocating better reforms in the regulations and enforcement of laws as well as punitive measures, which were intended to better the laws and the lots of Ghanaians.

Ogyegyeahoho Gyebi V, President of the Western Regional House of Chiefs called for strict enforcement of the law to serve as a deterrent and pledged the house commitment in controlling the canker.

Source: GNA

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