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Germany generating almost half of its electricity from renewables

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Renewable sources provided 46 per cent of German electricity generation in the second quarter of this year, up from 41 per cent in the same period last year, the Federal Statistical Office reported on Friday.

Wind and solar power, and other renewable sources generated 56 billion kilowatt-hours over the period, up 6.3 per cent on the same period last year.

The statutory preference given to renewables was favouring electricity generated from these sources, the statisticians said.

The figures were published as the German cabinet was coming to the end of an all-night session aimed at drawing up a climate-friendly energy policy. An announcement, including emissions pricing and taxes on fossil fuels, was expected later Friday.

Simultaneously, mass demonstrations were taking place in German cities, as part of the global Fridays for Future climate strike.

Despite the rise of renewables, coal remains the most important single source for electricity generation, providing 29 per cent in the second quarter.

It was followed by wind power at 20 per cent, solar power at 13 per cent and nuclear energy at 12 Prozent.

In the first quarter of 2018, coal provided 37 per cent of the electricity generated.

Source: dpa

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