More people convicted for human trafficking offences    

Ten people were sentenced to prison for human trafficking offences in 2018, statistics from the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection reveal.

The convicts are currently serving between five and seven years jail terms.

In addition, 14 people were fined for child exploitation and related offences, Mrs Freda Prempeh, the Deputy Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection indicated.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Accra to commemorate the 2019 World Day Against Human Trafficking, Mrs Prempeh said 91 cases of human trafficking and child exploitation were recorded last year.

The day which falls on July 30, every year was set aside by the United Nations in 2010, during the adoption of the Global Plan for Action to combat Trafficking in Persons (TIPs).

Being celebrated annually to create awareness and intensify advocacy on dangers of human trafficking, the day urges governments worldwide to adopt coordinated and consistent measures to combat human trafficking.

Mrs Prempeh explained her ministry was doing everything possible to ensure that cases of human trafficking and child labour and exploitation in the country were brought to the barest minimum.

The Ministry has developed the Human Trafficking National Plan of Action (NPA 2017-2021), a comprehensive document to support the effective implementation of the Human Trafficking Act 2005, Act 694.

It covers all the thematic areas – prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership.

More so, Mrs Prempeh said her ministry had trained law enforcement officials, social workers and civil society actors and media to educate and support victims of human trafficking.

To improve prevention, the Ministry has printed more information, education and communication materials to raise and intensify public awareness.

Mrs Prempeh said the country successfully established adult shelter to rescue female victims of human trafficking.

The shelter was operationalised in February this year and so far about 35 inmates went through rehabilitation by receiving medical screening, counseling, training, housing, feeding and others.

Mr Premepeh said shelter for children would soon be operationalised, while her ministry partnered with private shelters to care for victims of human trafficking in the country.

Source: GNA

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