Poultry value chain actors urged to prioritise professional marketing 

Mr Mohammed Ali, a Marketing Specialist, has urged players in the poultry industry to prioritise marketing, since it has the potential to increase profit margins.


Mr Ali said there is the need for industry players to deliberately adopt marketing strategies to make themselves more visible and viable to the customers as well as potential buyers.  


He was speaking at a training programme for poultry feed millers and other value chain actors at the Livestock, Poultry and Fisheries(LiPF)trade Show in Accra.


The show is a collaboration between the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and Agrihouse Foundation, sponsored by Amplifies.


The training aims at improving Ghana’s poultry feed production capacity and to enhance the poultry value chain to increase the availability of quality poultry feed, improve its accessibility to poultry producers, and expand the trade of poultry products, especially eggs.


Mr Ali said there is the need for poultry feed millers to engage the services of professional marketers to enable them scale their production and profit margins.


He said engaging these professionals in their operations would lead to the easy identification of the company’s unique selling preposition, which could engineer the growth of the business.


He added that the local poultry feed millers and poultry value chain actors are doing well in terms of marketing, but mainly doing piecemeal marketing without any strategy.


Mr Ali said it is time the companies operating in the sector position themselves and develop specific strategies to advance their businesses, adding that it was important for them to take into account the branding and labelling of products.


According to him, the first thing to consider for marketing is branding.


Ms Alberta Akosa, the Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, in an interview said the training was organised to complement efforts of the Livestock, Poultry and Fisheries Trade Show and to get people to appreciate the whole cycle of the poultry industry.


Source: GNA

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